Newbies: Joe Silver and Kyle Michaels

The latest update at Say Uncle (via Butt Virgins) paired Joe Silver (top) and Kyle Michaels.

Joe Silver has three of his homemade scenes uploaded by his scene partners at Raw Fuck Club.

As for Kyle Michaels, he had scenes released at Sketchy Sex.


  1. HermanCee

    I am not feeling Joe Silver’s beard. Hot big dick, though.

  2. Ty Huber

    Kyle Michaels: You’re gorgeous. Please get yourself to a proper porn studio ASAP. You’d fit in at Cocky Boys, Falcon, ASGMax, NextDoor …

  3. Pavel Ford

    KYLE MICHAELS deserves MUCH BETTER than these shitty scenes.
    This dude is the hottest guy to come along in awhile.
    Please don’t settle for “low hanging fruit” studios or co stars.

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