Recycled: Christian Wilde and Scott Riley at Chaos Men

A scene that paired Christian Wilde and Scott Riley is up next at Chaos Men.

The scene was first released in 2015 by Pride Studios.

Chaos Men was sold in 2021 to the owners of Pride Studios.

+ This is Christian Wilde now at Raw Fuck Club.


  1. HJ

    CM is kind of a shadow of its former self. When Bryan Ockert ran it, it was full of personality, with hot guys of various body types and looks.

    • Bucko

      Definitely missing Brian’s Midas touch where he’d find hot looking yet down to earth guys next door models. Now it’s all “professional” porn stars who’ve been around the block and then some and definitely not the “fresh faced” hotties of the past. Didn’t renew my subscription when it was sold off…so sad.

      • asis

        I still remmeber dink flamingo from activeduty had a good eye for men. beefcakehunter has hot guys but cant watch any of his videos since hes in a of them – ruins the mood for me. so does militaryclassified.

    • baz

      It’s funny that it was bought based on the catalog and reputation it built, but has never once displayed ANY of what made it great when Bryan was in charge.

  2. Cherrystick

    CM was full of fresh faces and intriguing sex. Now it’s another site for these same overhyped and overused guys to slowly kill off. They do it all the time. Reminds me of how the resurgence of RB is becoming muddled. CM was an underdog hero at a time where we needed to see unknowns.

    • Ty Huber

      Some other details I enjoyed about CM in its heyday: 1) dirty talk well captured with careful mic placement, 2) the little lube dishes on the nightstands, 3) frequent flip-fucks, 4) uplight next to the bed the top would straddle eliminating shadows in the penetration, 5) downloads, 6) no-frills set design. To some viewers, #6 might count against CM as the location was so often exactly the same with just a little change to the set dressing, but to me it cemented the mission of showing hot sex.

  3. Dorian Lumeski

    Anything with Christian Wilde = TRASH

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