X: Lukas Daken “I used to be so ‘masc’ but it was all a lie, an act, to try to fit in and be what society expected of me.”

Jordan Jameson

Dolf Dietrich’s new boyfriend. [h/t AndThenTheresMaude]

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Marco

    Anyone else here feel that Dolf got his cheating ass caught by his ex Jack, which would explain the twitter meltdown he had over someone “hacking his account”? 🙄 It would also explain the sudden return to porn and the new apartment ( which is probably the new BF’s)

    I mean honestly, can’t this man walk from one room to another without setting the previous room ablaze every f-ing time? 😒

    • Jessie

      In the words of Bianca Del Rio…


    • Reg

      I don’t see that being an end of the “Dolf & Jack: A Fucked-Up Nightmare Tale”.

      They’ve beaten the shit out of each other, Jack’s called Dolf a paedophile, there’s been home invasion, self-mutilation with botox and filler…there’s no way it’s just going to end and I’m betting on both of their next boyfriends either being as bad, or are going to be the victim of abuse and Jack and Dolf’s hands.

  2. McM.

    That last tweet from PP was tacky as fuck!

    • Mark

      tacky, gross, desperate — the standard Pierce Paris postings

    • Steve

      He once tweeted that he’ll fuck anything for a paycheck, so that kinda explains that 🙃

  3. Alex

    I wanna fight every single of them.

  4. Mark

    I have never seen this Amone Bane before and won’t give him a second thought. Grifters are an immediate NO for me, no matter how hot they are.

    If he is bisexual, then why does he only have women in his Twitter likes?

  5. Pavel Ford

    AMONE BANE – Damn, you have NO Pride do you? Begging for lunch? Loser ! What’s next? Hey guys I am at CVS, who wants to buy my shit wipe paper?
    LUCAS DAKEN – What ever you do do not click on this guys X page. The first few pictures almost had me throwing up….sick.

  6. logogay

    (Almost) everything is just posts from actors or studios that you as a gay person (except maybe the posts from HGF/Hoopla, which might be interesting for the Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid people here on this blog!) should ignore! We should enjoy your day instead of dealing with other people’s trash. Jonas Jackson I wish you all the best and get well soon.
    Thank you, Denz, for starting this week with (mostly) pointless posts from the world of (gay) porn.

  7. John

    masc will alway be hotter than fem. Sorry, meant “non-binary” cause fem is not pc.

  8. NovaStar

    Gay Hoopla: I’m shocked it’s still around. Knowing this now, it needs to fade away

    Jay Tee – I can relate

    Lukas Draken – that fool is creepy as fuck.

    Markus Kage – when people subscribe to your page, those subscribers have to right to complain about your work if it’s not what they want to see, especially since they’re paying for it. He needs to stop whining like a bitch.

    Dolf Dietrich – What the fuck is that? More creepy shit from that fool.

    Pierce Paris – he strikes me as a narcissist and he needs to go away already.

    A strange week for gay porn performers on Twitter this week.

    • logogay

      Hoopla only survives because there are enough people out there (I don’t think they’re gay) who either just watch the straight porn actors’ solos or watch their “old boring amateur G4P porn” from back in the day who don’t are worth half of the price at which they offer it. Believe me, one day they will be gone forever. And if not, who even cares?

  9. JR

    Pierce- there is absolutely ZERO chance of you ever being mistaken for a twink. First off, you’re about 65, second of all your tired ass face looks like an episode of botched. Stevie Wonder could tell you aren’t a twink.
    Dolf and his twat of a boyfriend with the so much work on his face that Joan Rivers would have been jealous, should go play in a volcano. One minute Dolf is telling the world Jack is using again, and the next wearing some kind of dollar store “lingerie”.

  10. Reg

    Yeah, Amone…everyone would love a free lunch, but it’s funny that you’re not specifically asking for $1.50 for just a sandwich.

    GH…you are talking about yourselves, right? And you don’t think that Collin Simpson, Sean Costin and Derek Jones were and still aggressively are, seeking out sex work?

    Markus is angry again then…I guess X is even more forgiving than I thought, because I’m surprised they’d unban him of all people.

    For a second, I actually thought that Cliff was going to be doing some proper porn, but no, it’s yet more tacky crap with Mr. Filth…and if Cliff would have us believe for a second that he didn’t get The Clap from one of their female porn stars, then I don’t know who he thinks he’s kidding. On or off-screen, he did not get that from a guy.

    Dolf and Jack have broken up…again? Let’s see if they were equally abusive and the new boyfriends will be the victims of that.

  11. baz

    I feel like I need to spray Lysol over 90% of these tweets.

    Then follow it up with bleach.

  12. Cherrystick

    Thank goodness for the UNFOLLOW, MUTE AND BLOCK buttons on Twitter/X. Just about every one of these crazy ass people never hit my timeline.

  13. baz

    Chlamydia Cliff will never go away now, will he?

    • logogay

      Chlamydia Cliff is now distributing it in straight/bi/queer porn, not gay porn! Thank God

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