X: Tony Genius “Planning on buying my house in Los Angeles this year! Yes baby, I make THAT kind of money!”

Castro Supreme [movies] filmed for his fan site with Jacobi and his lover. It did not end well. (tip @ Evolve)


  1. JB

    Thanks for the posts, as always, Denz. Appreciate your efforts.

    Boy, this seems to be a particularly negative/bitchy week of tweets. A couple of cheerful posts, but most are bitter and mean. Says a lot for the state of gay porn in 2024.

    • sdsr

      It only says a lot for the state of gay porn in 2024 if these tweets are typical. Are they or were they, as usual, and understandably, selected to provoke comments?

    • logogay

      I agree with you completely. I don’t even want to know what kind of negativity and “queer” crap will be added to the catastrophic gay porn of 2024 in the next few weeks. And how much advertising for “queer/bi vagina” scenes is shown in gay porn by supposedly “gay actors”! It has nothing to do with pride and gay anymore. The best thing are the self-exposing comments and dislikes from the people here in this blog, which shows who is actually gay here! In fact, hardly anyone!

    • NovaStar

      You summed it up perfectly and it’s just a sign of how bad things have gotten with gay porn. The sad thing is, it’s not gonna get any better. There’s no quality control with these guys and these guys don’t want to take criticism when it comes their way, they think that we’re trying to go after them & we’re not. We want the best as viewers and we deserve the best for the amount of time and money we’re spending on this stuff. I’m scared to see what the 2nd half of 2024 is going to bring with gay porn, I really am.

  2. baz

    Masculine Jason thinks he has room for ANOTHER tattoo?

  3. Eric

    Aspen: You make a post on X that comes across as sarcastic and critical of homosexuals and in this post you write “we as gays” (implying that you are gay), but you only date women and then wonder why people ask what your sexual orientation is. Why not just answer the question and be done with it?

    Masculine Jason: That tattoo does not sound like something a masculine man would get.

    Jacob Diaz: Are you even gay/bi? I cannot tell from looking at your X content.

    JJ Knight: What the heck did you write? You should have proofread that before submitting it.

    To the owner of this blog: I like the juxtapostion of the two Tony Genius tweets.

    Tony Genius:

    I just looked through your X page, and except for 1 or 2 people, everybody on it is in really good shape like you are. If you want porn studios to feature people of more shapes and sizes, then when are you going to start doing that yourself?

    Congrats on buying a house. For a preview of your financial future, see Jack Hunter’s post below on this page.

  4. John

    He makes that much money? Really? I can’t see that being true.

  5. Jktooo

    Lanw/blake mitchell is an ignorant dumb ass man whore asshole. Id love him to see what they would do to him when Gaazans caught him fucking a guy in Gaaza: theyd grab him and his dumbass bitch boy he was fucking theyd take them to the roof of the tallest building and throw him and his dumazz bitch boy off the roof of that building. God soooo many gays r so fkn stupid…..but its their leftist marxist ideology that makes them soooo fkn stupid.

    • Jonathan Lam

      You think a child from Gaza is going to throw him off a roof? What does any of that have to do with children having their limbs blown off???

      • jktooo

        who said anything about a child dummy?

        • djb12345

          The photo is of a child amputee dummy.

          • Jktooo

            Dummy, i wasnt referring to children throwing them off roofs….i was referring to gaazans, adults, dumazz. Ur really reaching for such a stupid comment, really reaching for gotcha and its stooooopid u idiot

          • Jktooo

            Plus i never referenced anything in the photo…show me where i did. My post was a general comment comment as to lane/blakes ignorant defense of “palestinians” ( and hes an idiot in general). Again ur reaching cuz u have zero intellect.

    • RioAzul

      What about it is exactly Marxist?

      • jktooo

        Its actually American Marxism, some call it cultural marxism. Its being canceled. Its being woke. Todays left are too stupid to understand what marxism is. they have no clue what marxism is therefore they dont know, but they blindly follow it. Its not Russian Marxism from back in the day. Its closer to naziism where race is a huge factor in leftist ideology. They are racialists, they racialize EVERYTHING. Acceptable racism is towards white people and brown and black conservatives. Acceptable Bigotry is towards Jews.

    • Sr

      Since you’re so much smarter than the rest of us, you realise the irony in your statement, I’m sure. What would your right wing buddies do in the same scenario?

      • jktooo

        their is no “irony” in my statement. I KNOW Islam……studied for thousands of hours. GAYS ARE NOT TOLERATED AT ALL!!!!! open ur dumbass eyes stooooooopid people.

        • Mhm

          You mean “there is no irony”, not “their”.

          • Jktooo

            Who gaf about spelling? This aint no college exam dummy

    • NCBored

      Lots of ‘Christians’ would love to do the same, from America to Uganda!

      • Jktooo

        Perhaps. But they dont as a society the way islamists do in fundamental islamic societies

    • Pssuucl

      War sucks. Its ok to say so, but I think it should also be noted that the Gaza’s suffering in war at the hands of the IDF was minimal before Hamas attacked.

      And in terms of US responsibility Lane should check out how America treated Jewish refugees asking asylum in the 1930s.

  6. Jktooo

    Vadim is such a gorgeous sexy POS! Truly!

  7. Ky

    There seems to be plenty of negative thoughts this week. Maybe we could try a week with the more uplifting posts from the numerous gay porn starts out there in the social universe!

    Also, if you don’t like pride, that is fine. However, you may not have lived through the extremely tough times that gays fought for to be out and proud. Let’s just celebrate that people are comfortable in their own skin. Plus, that many laws have changed to include LGBT folks, even if there is much more work to be done. HAPPY PRIDE!

    • Meh

      He is just closeted bisexual cunt that exploit ugly desperate queens.

  8. Polyboy

    Jesus Fucking Christ, Aspen is a self-loathing piece of work. Calling himself gay and then climbing on a crucifix about how women are treating him poorly and completely devaluing the struggle queer people in this country endure especially in the Bible belt.

    He’s not fucking gay. He’s a straight-passing gay for payer. I won’t even call him bi because he only yaps about getting romantically involved with women and getting paid to fuck.

    He needs to stay in his lane.

    • Andy

      Your acting like you got a parasocial relationship with Aspen. He never said he is gay I read his tweets. What some gay men don’t understand is sexuality isn’t Black or White. Like Aspen said he is going to fuck whomever he wants. People just need to enjoy the porn and stop getting mad at models living their lives. You are projecting your fantasies and desires on the models. Not everyone fits into a rigid binary role of sexuality. Why is it so hard for gay men to accept this? If you are having sex with other men you obviously are sexually attracted to males. That is what Aspen is acknowledging. Aspen never said he is “gay” but he acknowledges he is sexually attracted to other men. This guy is an impressive power bottom. No straight man taking dick up the ass as easily as Aspen does.

      • Polyboy

        Motherfucker, it’s the first thing he posted in the thread.

        “Tell me what we as gays have accomplished in the last 5 years for us to be celebrating? I’ll go first. I bought a cat. The end.”

        The only person with a parasocial relationship with Aspen is you, and your need to explain away what he posted.

        Keep making excuses. Keep projecting your own parasocial bullshit on nother people. Also he still isn’t going to fuck you.

      • What

        He literally says “WE as gays” while belittling us.

    • Truth hurts

      As he himself admitted there is no such thing as gay4pay- most of those who id as straight are bisexual and hookup with guys because gay sex is enjoyable and men turn them on.

      Aspen might date mostly women but he himself had many gay hookups. During pandemic he was having multiple hookups with men and he later admitted its was a bad thing to risk covid.
      He almost dated Dante around 2021 but Dante dumped him and caused him another meltdown. There are several similar things but it wont fit your perception and you really want to believe that most gay pornstars are straight when in reality most are bisexual.

    • Bsg67

      Aspens bi at best but when the chips are down he’d side with the MAGA crowd for $$ shouting I’m HETRO

  9. Andy

    Jack Hunter is a handsome guy but he has made some mistakes. His only fans is too expensive. The smart guys charge $3 to $5 dollars to sign up. He can charge more for videos after people subscribe. Of course getting a legit job and leaving Los Angeles is another option. Surprised he doesn’t got any offers from biphoria or Adult Time. Good looking white guy with a huge dick bisexual sites will like him. Another idea for Jack get a rich sugar daddy. Plenty of closeted and wealthy gay men in Los Angeles. I don’t know if Jack on those gay escorts sites but he should be. He should definitely ask around someone is getting money from this wealthy gays. I read a porn model say a man can make thousands in a night. He definitely needs to ask his gay porn friends about this.

  10. Reg

    “we as gays”? Since when are you gay, Aspen? You only date women, you’ve got at least two kids…you might have done gay porn, but you’re not gay and that’s the first time I’ve ever even heard you lie about it.

    Vadim made one of the BIGGEST song and dances about being straight, gay4pay and vowed never to return…so what is he doing here? Why doesn’t he leave “Vadim” in the past and just get on with his life?

    And I can’t believe people have given Jack over a grand. It must be nice just to make a gofundme, post a video on X, with a sob-story that I’m not convinced about and have strangers pay you for doing absolutely nothing.

    • Sauron

      He is not gay but he is not straight either. He is bisexual like 80% of gay pornstars.

  11. NovaStar

    Jacobi & Nico Aesthetics: for context, Jacobi worked with porn performer Castro Supreme & it was clear that Castro was under the influence of something & he was whimpering & crying in the video from what was said in the film. Castro came out saying he was in fact under the influence & Nico got on Jacobi for working & sexually assaulting Castro, which Jacobi denied. Nico got into Jacobi’s ass & I loved it. Jacobi is a creep & deserves all the smoke that he’s getting.

    Aspen: something is wrong with that dude. He comes across & very angry & bitter & he needs to get help.

    Masculine Jason: that tattoo doesn’t sound like a good idea. Sad thing is, this is more entertaining than his porn.

    Dillion Diaz: he wouldn’t be getting hate tweets if he wasn’t fucking women. He’s dug his own hole & I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

    Marcus Rivers: I hope he’s being sarcastic because there’s nothing cute & flattering about getting with a straight man & having him find a woman only for him to say all of that. That’s why i don’t even think about touching Straight Men

    Jacob Diaz: That’s one self loathing MFer right there. Poor thing smh

    Tony Genius: I love that we saw those 2 Tweets. Homie’s complaining but yet he seems to be doing good for himself in spite of what he’s complaining about. That was “genius” Denz! Lol

    This was one shitty week in the Gay Porn world but I’m glad it’s all been documented. Thank your Denz for making this threads & showing us all of this so that we could discuss it with each other.

  12. logogay

    It’s Pride Month. But not in the (gay) porn industry!
    Once again, most bi/queer/G4Payers are dumping their garbage on social media against us gays or the gay community! Or they just whine or show their “true” colors!
    Is gayporn even worth celebrating or celebrating gay in porn anymore? I think no. Why? I mean when I see that performers post little or no private pictures from Pride events, simply celebrate Pride or show that they belong to the gay community. But no, nothing like that. Where are all the actors who are supposedly gay or feel like they belong to the gay community? They only need us when they need money or can take advantage of us or simply dump their psychological waste on us! Not more! But what I find most hypocritical is the behavior of MEN/MG! They post as if they were on the “gay” side, celebrating a “men’s summer special”! Most of the actors in the pictures are G4Payer or Bi/Queers! To be honest: they are soon releasing another bi scene where the next actor (Kyle) who has “only” filmed gay porn for other studios or who identifies as gay (?) is made to fuck and lick a vagina like in a conversion therapy scene! Isn’t that noticeable? No other “GAY” porn studio produces something like this but only MEN/MG! EVERY MONTH! And why? Because this studio is the most “internally homophobic studio in the world” right now! Together with their customers! They pay for and support this insulting crap. And they celebrate gay porn, gays or the gay porn community? Shame on their all for paying and watching such homophobic crap from a “queer” studio! They all are not worthy of celebrating Pride Month! Not a single one of them!

    • Haha

      “they just whine…”

      Tedious, isn’t it? Thankfully we have your unflinching positivity on every single post to look forward to.

    • Sauron

      Gay4pay doesn’t exist.
      Most of those guys would fuck men for fun as they do women.

      Stop making up problems that doesn’t exist.

  13. emercycrite

    Would love to see Robert’s bottoming video.

  14. Soothsay

    Re: the Nico/Jacobi situation. Okay, sure, Jacobi’s actions (not just the Casto Supreme situation) are shady, but the bad part is that what Jacobi is doing isn’t too significantly unlike a lot of other content creators. He’s trying to get an income, and that’s clear, and he’s all about cutting corners and lapping up what’s necessary to make that happen. Do I respect that? No. Should that be criticized. Absolutely. It’s trash

    That said – Nico is equally trash. He did his best in that 30 minute video to make it seem like Jacobi has roofied Casto and taken advantage of him,, and then when pressed on it, tried to make it seem like “naw, I just said he was under the influence”. Lord, seriously? Someone making content who was drunk or high? And you’re going to come to defend Casto’s “consent”?

    Look, if you check out the pictures (or actually pay the fifty bucks) you’d see that Castro is in bad shape. Not “he’s high” in bad shape, but more Jack Hunter “I really need money” bad shape. So, he clearly got offered enough to do something he (likely) didn’t really want to do, and he got really (really) drunk in order to get a paycheck. The entire situation is messy, but someone who decides to get deeply under the influence to make money they need….I don’t know

    (And lets be clear that if Jacobi sent Castro home because he was too high and didn’t pay him, it’d be a different video with Nico defending Castro for being ‘cheated’ by Jacobi)

    Nico is messy – he’s got something against Jacobi and is using…whatever…to come for him. Becuase Casto Supreme – a gay for pay performer who by Nico’s admission doesn’t like men and doesn’t generally have sex with people of color – is like the last person I’d be trying to pull a Sally Struthers Save the Children with. He was clearly there to make money, and Castro was down on his luck. If he got smashed he did it to cope.

    Jacobi is terrible and user. Nico is an opportunistic fraud. They deserve each other.

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