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Randy Blue’s import from the UK – Patrick O’Brien

He used the name Patrick O’BriAn (nicknamed Paddy) when he first appeared at English Lads last October 2010.

Patrick_obrian_englishlads_01 Patrick_obrian_englishlads_02
Patrick_obrian_englishlads_04 Patrick_obrian_englishlads_05

Last month, he appeared as Paddy O’Brian at Men At Play.

 Paddy_obrian_menatplay_01 Paddy_obrian_menatplay_02
Paddy_obrian_menatplay_03 Paddy_obrian_menatplay_04

Another UK (I think) porn site featured him this week as Leo at First Auditions.


Today at Randy Blue, he is known as Patrick O’BriEn.

 Patrick_obrien_randyblue_01 Patrick_obrien_randyblue_02

Is this the first time that Randy Blue hired a model outside the USA?