The Belami boys recently attended the Sydney Mardi Gras Beach Party at Bondi beach (more pictrues at flicker).


I’m glad to see Kris Evans is working again for Belami after the incident. From Ross Watson “Bel Ami stars Dolph Lambert and Kris Evans receiving their signed and dedicated copies of Untitled# after visiting the Sydney Exhibition and modeling for Ross’ new works.


Belami also started sharing their Australian trip at Tumblr.


As for the Brady Jensen rumor joining the Belami cast in Australia is just a rumor. DNA Magazine has updated their blog last February 4, 2011 and removed Brady’s name.

The Belami model I am excited to see more is Ryan Kutcher, who appeared with a solo at Man Avenue as Christian.

Ryan_kutcher_manavenue_01 Ryan_kutcher_manavenue_02

Rumor has it that Ryan was a fashion model turned porn star.