Interesting tweets about Dawson Riley

Dawson Riley’s solo was released by Randy Blue last August 2009. Quit porn in 2010. He is now making a comeback. Rumor has it, it’s via Jet Set Men.

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Dawson Riley on his return to gay porn “I know that I said things a year ago that were harsh and undeserved. There was a lot going on with me, and I needed a scapegoat. I got angry about the blogs after I tweeted that I was never coming back to porn. Also the things I said to Josh Griffin, should have been private and not tweeted. We all make mistakes. I made a mistake, and I am more than willing to own up to the judgement on my part.

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In an interview (it has been deleted by Unzipped but Manhunt has a partial copy) last January 2010 “Yes, the rumors are true. Dawson Riley has elected to leave the adult industry, get married to a High School Sweetheart and raise their 1-year-old daughter with aspirations of growing their family.

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Chris Porter reacted to the tweet I sent that Dawson is coming back to porn via Jet Set Men and got into a heated convesation with one of Dawson’s friends.


Dawson also got into a heated conversation on twitter with Diesel Washington.

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UPDATE as of March 03, 2011 Dawson Riley just updated his Twitter by removing all the names under FOLLOWING and FOLLOWERS. Even if the image (below right) has 4 followers, you will get the message “doesn’t have any followers“. I think he deletes anyone who tries to follow him.

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