Is Suite 703 on hiatus AGAIN? (Thanks Jason401)

Just last January 2010, they started updating their websites after a year of no updates. I got an email from Jason401 that the last update of Suite 703 was last April 27, 2011. ALL POSTING DATES have been REMOVED from their entire video selections.

Normally, Suite 703 has 4 new videos released every week. One for each website – Men Hard at Work, My Brother’s Hot Friend, Hot Jocks Nice Cocks and I Am A Married Man.


Personally, I haven’t visited Suite 703 as often as before since the updates week after week were not as interesting as it used to be.

I do hope this is temporary and that Jason401’s comment would not come true “Looks like another 12 months of hiatus and returning in 2012.  lol!!