Connor Dane of College Dudes is now broke, straight and a boy :)

Connor Dane's solo appeared at College Dudes (CD) last August 2008. In all his three scenes at CD, Connor never bottomed.

Connor_dane_collegedudes_01 Connor_dane_collegedudes_02 
Connor_dane_collegedudes_03 Connor_dane_collegedudes_04 
Connor_dane_collegedudes_05 Connor_dane_collegedudes_06 
Connor_dane_collegedudes_07 Connor_dane_collegedudes_08 

With longer hair, he is back in porn this 2011 as Rocco working for Broke Straight Boys.

Connor_dane_rocco_02 Connor_dane_rocco_03 
Connor_dane_rocco_05 Connor_dane_rocco_06 

In his latest scene, Rocco cut his hair similar to his first appearance at College Dudes.

Connor_dane_rocco_08 Connor_dane_rocco_09 

THEN and NOW with long and short hair.

Connor_rocco_NOW_long_01 Connor_rocco_NOW_long_02 
Connor_rocco_NOW_short_01 Connor_rocco_NOW_short_02 

FYI Both College Dudes and Broke Straight Boys are owned by the same company.


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