The gay and str8 side of Connor Maguire

The first time I laid eyes on Connor Maguire was when Jet Set Men released a solo picture of him last Dec 2010. It seems he has done a scene prior to Jet Set Men. According to TLAvideo, this Cum Pig Men compilation was released last 2010.

Connor_maguire_cumpigmen_001 Connor_maguire_cumpigmen_01

GAY Connor Maguire as a BOTTOM

Connor_maguire_bottom_02 Connor_maguire_bottom_02b 
Connor_maguire_bottom_03 Connor_maguire_bottom_04 

Connor Maguire as a TOP

Connor_maguire_top_02 Connor_maguire_top_03 
Connor_maguire_top_04 Connor_maguire_top_05 

STRAIGHT Connor Maguire did a str8 scene for College Rules last February 2011, which I couldn't find. But, thanks to Jason for letting me know about Connor Maguire's str8 scene at Next Door Hook Ups, released this week.

Connor_maguire_str8_01 Connor_maguire_str8_02 

19 thoughts on “The gay and str8 side of Connor Maguire

  1. Here comes the “Whiners”. He has done many gay scenes and fully active in all of them. He has to identify as gay for you whiners to be happy. Let the pity party begin.

  2. And here comes sagxtc again telling people who they should comment about. As soon as he sees a gay guy fuck a woman, he’s all over it. Have a little pride in yourself. It’s not 1990 anymore; you don’t have to drool over fake straight men. It’s ok.
    And I will continue to remind EVERYONE your pathetic ass typed the following:
    “Just because he has sex with men and likes it doesn’t mean he’s gay.” C.A.

  3. Please, isn’t everyone in gay porn G4P these days? I like the fact that he’ll suck a dick. cough Cody Cummings cough

  4. I actually like him very much. I don’t have a prob with g4p models as long as they can do the job. If a str8 model on a str8 porn set wouldn’t eat pussy or fuck one, he’d be fired so fast his head would spin. The same should apply to a gay porn, but it doesn’t. Connor knows what’s expected and does it all. Can’t hate on a guy for that, gay or str8. The only prob I have is with studios like NextDoor who I hear pays their g4p models the “gay” rate for doing str8 sex as long as they do gay scenes. I won’t finance pussy…knowingly.

  5. Other then maybe a scene for Jake Cruise straight guys for gay eyes, he probably won’t be getting any more straight work for Bang Bros or any other company. The now defunct porn wiki leaks, and patient zeta (who claimed to have contracted HIV on a Bang Bros gay shoot) took care of that.

  6. Wow you are pathetic. No having sex with men doesn’t make someone gay. Being gay is not solely based on sex. Only str8 people think that. You see ignorant idiots on believe that. Being gay means that you are not only attracted to the same sex but you have emotional feelings and partner up with someone of the same sex. It can also mean he’s Bisexual. I just can get off with a guy but never have any real romantic feelings toward them.
    In that same post i also said “Until i see or hear about him dating men exclusively can that be an option”. I also never said who can post about what. You post what you want and so will I. So please keep reminding people how much of a dumbass you are, Troll.
    You are such a waste of space, Troll

  7. Your self-loathing ass will never win an argument, you straight chasing, closeted homo, because Iwill keep reminding everyone you said the following:
    “Just because he has sex with men and likes it doesn’t mean he’s gay.” C.A.

  8. It’s ridiculous to say someone is self-loathing and closeted just because they like g4p guys in porn. What does “pride” have to do with it. I like straight porn AND gay porn, and tranny porn, and fetish porn, I could go on and on. And I am not closeted nor self-hating. Cultass, you are stifling the conversation by saying there is only one way to view this. I don’t get it. Even if Connor MacGuire gave an interview and said he was str8 or gay, whichever, you wouldn’t really ever be able to know — what he does in his private life and how he identifies in terms of sexuality is his business.

  9. I am a man, gay. I love men, I’m attracted to men like me. I do not like straight acts gay for money. they have no idea what it means to be gay sometimes. I am happy that I have never paid for their fakemovies. I do not respect these people, I prefer real actors gay, gay like me, a gay man. And I thank you that you write the list of porn actors gay for pay. not excited to see the fake gay…..connor, c.wilde and so on go plz go to str8porn

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