Three gay (?) men introduced at Sean Cody this October 2011

It could have been a back to back to back gay men at Sean Cody but Derek, Oct 12 update, stood in the way.

COLE His solo was released by Sean Cody last October 08 “And when it comes to sex, he knows exactly what he wants. He likes men (yes!) who are big and muscular and he loves getting “man handled” when he’s getting fucked.

Cole_seancody_01 Cole_seancody_02

KARL His solo was released by Sean Cody last Oct. 16 “He’s an admitted admirer of all things men, especially legs and body hair. It was clear to me that Karl really likes a man who is a bit scruffy, masculine, and hung enough to give him a great fuck.

Karl_seancody_01 Karl_seancody_02

GRAYSON His solo was released by Sean Cody last Oct. 20 ““So did you always sleep with girls? Or have you slept with guys?” I asked.”I’ve slept with guys,” he answered confidently and with no hesitation.

Grayson_seancody_01 Grayson_seancody_02
Grayson_seancody_03 Grayson_seancody_04


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