Caleb of College Dudes = Beck of Corbin Fisher

Last April 2009, his solo was released by College Dudes using the name Caleb. He is now known as Beck at Corbin Fisher.

Caleb on the left and Beck on the right.

Caleb_beck_collegedudes_corbinfisher_01 Caleb_beck_collegedudes_corbinfisher_02
Caleb_beck_collegedudes_corbinfisher_03 Caleb_beck_collegedudes_corbinfisher_04
Caleb_beck_collegedudes_corbinfisher_05 Caleb_beck_collegedudes_corbinfisher_06
Caleb_beck_collegedudes_corbinfisher_07 Caleb_beck_collegedudes_corbinfisher_08

Caleb had two scenes at College Dudes. He was sucked by Carter Nash and fucked Rob Ryder.

Caleb_collegedudes_01 Caleb_collegedudes_02
Caleb_collegedudes_03 Caleb_collegedudes_04
Caleb_collegedudes_05 Caleb_collegedudes_06
Caleb_collegedudes_07 Caleb_collegedudes_08


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