If you are being abused in a relationship, would you still do scenes like this?

HUGE MISTAKE ON MY PART I assumed this scene was filmed after the battery of Phillip was made public. Since Men is new, this scene could have been filmed during the time Phillip experienced the alleged physical and verbal abuse from Spencer.

Phillip Aubrey's relationship with Spencer Reed did not end well. He even gave an interview regarding his experience. If you experienced If you are experiencing abuse in a relationship, would you still be comfortable doing S&M scenes? In his scene at MEN, Phenix Saint and Krys Perez slapped, stuffed an underwear inside his mouth, punched, and told him to shut up. Phillip said no a few times and told them to get off. I know the scene was just make pretend. But for me, it seemed like Phillip was experiencing a traumatic experience all over again. But, for me, it seemed like Phillip was re-living a painful experience that was happening in his own home.



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