For those who missed Dakota of Sean Cody aka Dru of Corbin Fisher (tip @ geerdo)

2008 His solo was released last July 2008 and his last scene as Dakota at Sean Cody was released last Nov 2008 where he was fucked by Greg. He had 5 scenes where he bottomed in 2 scenes.

Dakota_seancody_01 Dakota_seancody_02 
Dakota_seancody_03 Dakota_seancody_04 

2009 to JULY 2011 In Aug 2009, he was known as Dru at Corbin Fisher where he had more than 25 released scenes. His last scene was a threesome with Martin and Trey released last July 2011.

Dru_corbinfisher_01 Dru_corbinfisher_02 
Dru_corbinfisher_03 Dru_corbinfisher_04 

NOV 2011 I would assume his contract at Corbin Fisher expired since he recently had a solo scene, using the name Billy, released by Maverick Males last Nov 08, 2011.

Dru_dakota_billy_01 Dru_dakota_billy_02 
Dru_dakota_billy_03 Dru_dakota_billy_04 

UPDATE This is an old photo shoot. According to Maverick Males, it happened before Sean Cody. [h/t Asenath & von Schlomo]