MEN’s version of UngloryHole with a bit of Bait Bus

Men had Tony Paradise play the str8 guy thinking he was getting a free blow job from a woman from an unglory hole. Instead, he got a blowjob from Johnny Rapid.

Tony_paradise_men_01 Tony_paradise_men_02 
Tony_paradise_men_03 Tony_paradise_men_04 

The woman left the two alone. Tony heard the voice of his cock sucker and got into a "bait bus WTF" argument for a few seconds. Tony was convinced by the logic, using inductive and deductive reasoning, of Johnny that Tony allowed him to continue 🙂

Tony_paradise_men_05 Tony_paradise_men_06 
Tony_paradise_men_07 Tony_paradise_men_08 

Unlike UngloryHole, which is pure oral, Men had Tony fuck Johnny Rapid.