New guy at Corbin Fisher this coming Monday was Glen of Sean Cody aka Shawn of Active Duty (tip @ Paul)

SEAN CODY He was guy #1 in Auditions 27 at Sean Cody released in June 2009. He was given the name Glen when Sean Cody decided to hire him for two scenes. One as a bottom to Doug and the other one was a flip-fuck with Kurt.


ACTIVE DUTY He was introduced at Active Duty, not thru a solo, but with a scene with Kayden Saylor in March 2010. He was more of a bottom with his scenes at Active Duty. If I am not mistaken, he worked for Active Duty in 2010 and came back for a last scene, as a top, released in June 2011. You can see he gained some weight in his return.

Shawn_action_activeduty_02 Shawn_action_activeduty_03
Shawn_action_activeduty_04 Shawn_action_activeduty_07
Shawn_action_activeduty_05 Shawn_action_activeduty_06
Shawn_action_activeduty_08 Shawn_action_activeduty_09

CORBIN FISHER He is back, this time at Corbin Fisher, where he is the new guy to be released this coming Monday, Dec. 05, 2011. He is still un-named and he lost the weight he gained in his last scene at Active Duty.

Corbin Fisher shared his picture via YFrog with the description “Have a great weekend and enjoy this sneak peek at Monday’s new freshman!“.

Shawn_activeduty_THENNOW_solo Shawn_activeduty_THENNOW_solo2

UPDATE He is known at Corbin Fisher as Chase.