Was Topher DiMaggio hurt in a scuffle at a local bar in Houston?

There was a comment sent by Scott that Topher DiMaggio was in a scuffle at a locar bar in Houston “Last spring he got into a scuffle with another person on the patio of a local (bar) there is a good size fire feature on the patio, well his back was to it and he got kicked and feel over on the the fire feature. no did get burned (damnit) but was bruised and had torn clothing and very surprised that no one offered to help him.

Pictures of his back particularly the right side of his back from Colt StudiosRandy Blue, Dominic Ford and Chaos Men.

Topher_dimaggio_noscarback_01 Topher_dimaggio_noscarback_03  Topher_dimaggio_noscarback_04 Topher_dimaggio_noscarback_05

Pictures from two of his scenes at Men with Marc Dylan and Zak Blake.



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