Mike Dozer “Condoms are for pussies”

Mike Dozer's t-shirt was the talk of some porn blogs a few weeks ago when he wore it when he filmed his bareback scene, to be released this week, with Charlie Harding at Cocksure Men.


Today, Men Over 30 released a scene [gallery] of Mike Dozer, as a top, wearing a transparent condom.


11 thoughts on “Mike Dozer “Condoms are for pussies”

  1. Condoms are evidently not for ‘pussies’, since Many gay4payers take them off when doing straight porn and put them back on when it’s man-on-man.

  2. I agree. Plus it’s not even a commercially-produced shirt – it was made at home with a printer and iron-on transfer paper. You can see the color difference around the text area (just like on the Oink shirt). Clearly they were just trying to be funny and get a rise out of people with it.

  3. Mike Dozer is a human cum dumpster that takes loads from guys like Boomer Banks that are known to be HIV+ so anyone fucking or getting fucked by him without a condom is putting their health at risk.

  4. If that’s the sorta shit that this clearly HIV+ man needs to say so as to be able to deal with the fact that he’s HIV+ and will be dying of AIDS in the (presumably) not too distant future, then who are we to judge? I just think he should be a little more forthright with his next t-shirt, which should say “Condoms are pussies, which is why I wasn’t wearing one that time I contracted HIV, but it’s cool–AIDS meds are for real men.”

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