The latest on Cody Cummings

I got this email from PetitQ "French men's underwear brand PetitQ has just released its new collection and what's better than gathering a bunch of hotties in underwear to celebrate that. " And, one of them was the retired from gay porn Cody Cummings.


10 thoughts on “The latest on Cody Cummings

  1. This guy has already taken up WAY too much attention and needs to fade away asap. One of the biggest waste of time to ever grace gay porn – pure and simple. An absolute joke of a performer. Complete phony. Enjoy your new career Cody and please fuck off!

  2. I say good for him just for the simple fact he was one of the many models that got screwed over at that company. But otherwise who cares. I’m just glad NDS is not doing good business wise for their actions

  3. More than a few of these models look very familiar…are we sure they too aren’t gay porn stars? Not that Cody was one.

  4. Of course he is. And I say, ‘Of course’, because I’ts the people who should not be reproducing, who always seem to be.

  5. His “baby” girl is 16 years old.
    I think you are thinking of Marcus Mojo who recently had a baby.

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