Will of Corbin Fisher is now Johnny Smash at Next Door (tip @ Scott)

Will's solo was released last August 2011 by Corbin Fisher. He had one str8 scene and three gay scenes, the last one was released last January 2012.

Will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_01 Will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_02 
Will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_03 Will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_04 
Will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_05 Will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_06 

With more body tattoos, he is now known as Johnny Smash, where his straight scene [gallery] was released last Sunday by Next Door Hookups.



Thenow_will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_01 Thenow_will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_02 
Thenow_will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_03 Thenow_will_corbinfisher_aka_johnny_nash_nextdoor_04 

11 thoughts on “Will of Corbin Fisher is now Johnny Smash at Next Door (tip @ Scott)

  1. Another example of a hot guy ruining his body with too many tattoos….at some point there is an oversaturation: This cat has PASSED that point!
    Hot dude though….love the freckles! And that sausage…

  2. “WOW”!!!!!….and extremely BUSY in 2013 visiting the Tattoo Shops. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  3. Sadly, many of these guys are using their earnings for tats instead of more useful purposes but I guess we all have different priorities. That’s one thing I like about the guys on CF, they are usually ink free or just have very limited tats.

  4. I agree with Alias74 that itΒ΄s really sad to see goodlooking young guys ruining their nice bodies with tacky tats. πŸ™

  5. Maye that’s why he’s back in porn. Tattoos are not cheap. I have a small-medium one on my torso, not colored and it cost me $85 at the place I went to. My tattoo artist said that if I had gone to this other shop in my area, this same tattoo would have cost almost $200.

  6. He is ugly, tats or no tats. It’s hilarious that he cut off the picture not to show her privates

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