13 thoughts on “Dalton of Active Duty is also Dakota Ford of Broke Straight Boys (tip @ Joshua)

  1. he was also Levi Tuucker on Gentlement’sCloset.com, I saw a scene with him and Nick Capra called Good Boy 2

  2. thats what i want to know oz been looking to see what google says but no luck maybe he went back to dancing

  3. Don’t know. Maybe, or maybe wifey made him get a “real job” to feed the kids. In any case, he has not reappeared anywhere in my limited scope of porn-watching. It would have been good if he stayed at BSB or gone back to AD. He’d look good with the current new crop, and maybe even add a bit of life. Pity, he was one of the better models IMO.

  4. Homo please, those are EXCUSES. You act as if there is no job available and he had no options. The fact is Dakota — like many gay males in the gay porn business — IS gay/bisexual. If he was straight, you’d think he’d be doing gay porn — for money — then why didn’t he go into transsexual porn if that were the case? There are several allegedly “straight” men in shemale porn that I know (Rico Steele, Ramone, Marcus Cruz, Parker Cruz) who won’t do gay porn. He could have went down that same path too and got paid for it. ‘Cause from what I understand, straight men are attracted to women. So wouldn’t it make much sense for him to do tranny porn than gay porn if that is the case. But whether or not this homo has a beard (wife) and a couple of show kids, that doesn’t prove he’s straight. Because you have lots of closet-queens out there with wife and kids that still have sex with males. People like you need to stop lying to yourself with this delusional nonsense that straight men fuck men. Because you ain’t straight if you gay it out with another male. That right there says YOU’RE GAY

  5. I could have sex with a girl, especially if the price was right. If I did, it does not make me bi or straight.

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