Review by Alias74 – Kenny Taps Truman’s Ass

Kenny Taps Truman’s Ass from Corbin Fisher (aired 02/13/14)


Overall Impression: Truman’s look is vintage Corbin Fisher, the kind of imagery he built the “straight boys doing gay things” juggernaut empire on. Looks go a long way but fall short when the performance just isn’t there. Truman couldn’t be more nervous – eyes shut, face down, no emotions, trembling hands – or more “dead fish” in his sex positions. Kenny’s a trouper here and delivers a MONSTER cum shot of 8 flying jizz missiles across Truman’s body, but that and some nice videography at the end of the day will get you $0.25 for coffee and it WON’T save the clip. BIN IT


Sigh…This is only Truman’s second clip (third if you count the solo) on the gay side of Corbin Fisher and it’s not really boding well for this undeniably hot and gorgeous model. I forgave the nervousness of “Breaking in Truman” primarily because at least he sucked dick in the clip and the latter half of that clip brought the heat showing off Truman’s fuck-ability. “Kenny Taps…” is a step down…WAY down for the newbie.


Clip starts with Kenny giving Truman the weakest and most horrible, short lived massage known to man (looked more like Reiki healing to me). Two minutes of that, some earnest body kisses, licks and ear nuzzling segues into the rimming sequence. We get some nice, brief shots of Truman’s sweet mildly furry crack and hole and Kenny’s tongue-fucking. Kenny rubs his ROCK HARD cock on Truman’s crack and at 10:12 we’re off to the races as Truman spreads his cheeks and takes most of Kenny’s cock.


Not a lot of depth here although Kenny does appear to pick up the pace here and there, especially at the tail end of the first position (Truman on his stomach). They switch to doggy so that Truman can watch himself get fucked. Videography here is stellar with this trademark “mirror shot” (a Corbin Fisher favorite), showcasing Truman’s amazing body getting rammed at what looks to be full speed ahead – check the gorgeous framing at 16:16 and 16:53 and beyond. The boys finish in sideways, another position that showcases Tru’s body and those enviable ABS. Sadly there’s a hard cut from the fucking to a shot of the two jacking off to finish (BOO!!!!!) – Truman’s money shot is disappointing, not much volume or distance. But Kenny’s shot? Put your protective eye wear on, folks: I counted 8 eruptions, three of which shoot all the way up to Truman’s chest, five land on Tru’s abs. No creampie, no reinsertion.


So what’s bad about this clip? TRUMAN’S PERFORMANCE. For the majority of the beginning of the clip, Truman has his eyes shut tight, face down, gripping the sheets (???), chuckling – maybe even stifling laughter when Kenny starts to rim him, lots of awkward looking back. He is sooooo nervioso that I swear when Truman says “that feels good” at 8 minutes……EIGHT MINUTES, folks….into the clip, 1) I think it’s the first time he actually says something and 2) it kinda sounds disingenuous. And THAT’S after he gets fingered where Truman barely registers a reaction.

Speaking of reactions, most first time bottoms end up yelping or going all over-the-top moaning. Here? We get heavy breathing, flushed cheeks, and Truman gripping the sheets a la Linus from Charlie Brown. Wah wah. Just how nervous is Tru? Watch in the final side saddle position when he guides Kenny’s cock into his hole – Truman’s hands are TREMBLING. Poor soul….it’s just sex, buddy! Crack a smile. OH WAIT. HE NEVER SMILES in the clip. Also Truman’s seven incher (according to the bio….but not according to my EYES) stays half mast to limp past his balls most of the time, even in the reach around, and when it’s time for him to cum, there is an awkward repeat edit pan to their feet and then he’s instantly hard and ready to cum (ah the magic of editing).