13 thoughts on “Owen of Chaos Men is now Owen Michaels

  1. He’s one of the best asses. I’m willing to let him sit on my face all day and night.

  2. Looks like he’s another gay for payer. I’m surprised he’s at Lucas Ent.
    His scene was very lackluster at Lucas. Doesn’t know how to suck dick. No passion.

  3. He says he is from WA in the interview at the beginning of his new Lucas scene so I gotta give the boy a thumbs up since that is my state. He is cute too. I just asked a friend who is a few years older if he knows him since they are from the same town.

  4. In the interview, he starts to say first sex with a she, then stops himself, like he can’t disclose that. Then uses “my partner” for other answers. Never says anything akin to coming out or being gay. Very uncomfortable.

  5. I noticed that too. And the rimming was embarrassing. He trying not to put his mouth on his ass and kept doing these fake ghost air kisses to it and barely flicked his tongue on it and around it.

  6. You guys talk about the same thing every post. What you quickly find out he isn’t gay and his performances are TERRIBLE. Terrible oral, terrible rimming, limp dicks and yet they continue to get scenes at major studios and well know amateur sites.
    Then you find his personal social media out let then you find he says something disrespectful about gay people and and you get mad but he will STILL continue to get work in gay porn. You people love these types of guys it plays to a fetish within the gay community. I personally don’t get it but to each their own.

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