Hot or not? Fake cum on photos

I am not an expert on the consistency of cum when exposed to the environment for a period of time :=) but I think majority of cum shots on photos (excluding screen captures) are fake. It's been done very obviously by some studios like Gay Room/Man Royale and lately I've been noticing it at Lucas Entertainment (LE).

Fakecum_lucasentertainment_04 Fakecum_lucasentertainment_05 

29 thoughts on “Hot or not? Fake cum on photos

  1. If it’s done well, I think it can be hot. I actually prefer my scat videos to preferably use the fake stuff.

  2. Porn uses fake gays having fake sex. Why is there a complaint? Gay cum, straight cum, fake cum. “as long as it’s hot!”

  3. Fake cum is such a turn off. Most of LEs cumshots are fake. there is no way on guy can pump 1liter of cum into some guys ass in one shot.

  4. It’s the journey, not the destination. You can fake cum, but you have to be really good at faking chemistry and scorching sex on video… So for me I put more stock into the act that still shots with gobs of sugar…. And sadly most gay porn is so dismally faked, staged and heavily edited to be exciting to me. It’s a rare gay porn focused studio that won’t fake it or phone it in. Which is disappointing, because we know we can do better. I am looking at you Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, Randy Blue,, to name a few….

  5. I won’t subscribe to a site that regularly uses fake cum. I mean, it happens once in a while, but a site like Gayroom/ManRoyale and their sites its such a joke. It looks like about five guys’ worth of cum in each scene. So stupid like they think they’re fooling anyone.

  6. I think fake cum is a mega turn-off. I’d rather see very little cum and real cum instead of loads of fake cum on film.

  7. LE’s fake cum isn’t only in photos, but in movies too. As Christim said, if it’s done well, it can be hot, but LE is too ridiculous!

  8. Agree, Karstan. Dan Savage calls it “Kabuki sex.” I miss terribly because even though they apparently were not lovers, their scenes together were incredibly romantic. They looked like they were really making love to each other. Wish there were more like that.

  9. Can anyone who has seen the LE scenes tell us if the scenes feature this much cum and if the photos are in fact taken during filming?

  10. I think it’s fine in photos, it looks like cum, so I’m fine with it. It’s just like the food you see in commercials. it’s not real/edible and yet you’ll still buy the advertised product. Why waste perfectly good jizz on a photo shoot?

  11. I sub to LE and I haven’t noticed. I love the hot sex between REAL gay men. Always hotter!

  12. I don’t like fake cum. I don’t like fake fucking. I don’t like fake gay porn. Why is everything so fake in gay porn?
    I’m sure using fake cum lessens the risk for some STDs on set, but come on! This is porn, we need to see the money shot for real!

  13. When it come out gushing like the bottom has a bottle of elmers glue hidden in his ass that’s when I give it a thumbs down. Or if it is just too much for one guy to have unloaded.

  14. Usually it is faked when the actor accidentally cums to early which I imagine can happen because it is not easy to stop once your past the point of no return.

  15. I have LE and I haven’t noticed any obvious fake cum. I love cum and enjoy the fantasy.
    Hey all you guys have been defending the use of straight guys saying it’s just fantasy. Get over the cum thing.

  16. It’s not hot, especially if you’re trying to sell an entire scene with faked “internal cumshots” accompanied by faked orgasms. It’s quite comical to see these actors push a 1/2 cup of “cum” out of their asses as if nobody can tell that it’s actually lube. What does save Lucas Entertainment is that when the cumshots are real (usually their creampies) they can typically do it better than most other studios currently filming bareback. For the most part, their cinematography and focus on close ups of actual sex is up there with the best. This says a lot in the wake of such popular studios such as Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher getting caught “faking the fuck”.

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