Q & A with Vadim Black on his return to Broke Straight Boys and why he left Dallas Reeves

Vadim Black's scene with Tyler White marked his return to Broke Straight Boys.



I was curios why he returned. Vadim was nice enough to answer a few questions via twitter.

01 How were you discovered by Broke Straight Boys? I was discovered. I surfed the web and applied.

02 How did you prepare for your first scene? And, how was the experience?  I didn't prepare for my first scene that's why it hurt so bad haha

03 What made you leave Broke Straight Boys and work for Dallas Reeves? Left because I had personal issues.

04 Why did you leave Dallas Reeves? Dallas Reeves are liars they treat all models bad and lie. They promise many things but don't ever do them. The worst company I have ever worked for is Dallas Reeves. Wish it never happened. Super shady

05 What made you decide to return to Broke Straight Boys? Returned to BSB because their like my family and treat me with respect. And best company in porn.

06 Fans will always ask, are you gay, bi or str8? I'm deff straight. But respect gay people.

41 thoughts on “Q & A with Vadim Black on his return to Broke Straight Boys and why he left Dallas Reeves

  1. A really cute guy with a really bad drug habit. That’s why he’s been bouncing around. Only a matter of time before BSB kicks him to the curb again

  2. Sounds like a moron. He better save his porn money from these next couple of years, he’ll need it when he’s back at the Taco Bell counter.

  3. Ouch, pretty harsh criticisms in this forum. Seems like BSB is treating him, well, let’s hope some one does. Dallas Reeves sounds like an ass. Think I will pass on his stuff.

  4. I sure do. I’ll make a copy at Kinko’s tomorrow and send it via FedEx. When you get it, you can shove it up your ass.

  5. Deff a moron. He was discovered, so… he surfed the web and applied??
    And what’s he doing surfing gay porn sites?! Did he try the str8 sites first, but they turned him away ’cause of the baby dick?

  6. I have no doubts about dallasreeves being a shady studio. If I recall Bryan Cavallo also went flying back to collegedudes after he did scenes for dallasreeves (and sketchysex)

  7. He does sound immature and actually a bit ignorant. If he does take drugs, maybe that’s why. I have the sneaking suspicion that this guy is on the self-destruct path though…

  8. Can someone explain to the poor deluded boy that straight men don’t suck cocks and get fucked in the ass for “the money”, because they are “desperate” or even if they “respect gay people” (whatever the fuck that means). For christsake, this shit gets more ridiculous by the day.

  9. Agreed. He could get a job in any fast food restaurant, stock shelves in a supermarket on go on unemployment before being barebacked at both ends by other guys.

  10. Welcome to gay porn. Sounds like you’re still in the “denial” stage of this. Don’t worry, once you discover your fave Euro star fucking grannies and follow your first pornstar’s transition to straight porn, you’ll become just as jaded as the rest of us.

  11. I have my doubts about how “straight” this guy really is. That said, he could probably make as much in an afternoon shooting porn as he could in a month of full-time minimum wage work. So it wouldn’t be a totally crazy choice to make.

  12. @Kanias82: No need to go to Kinko’s and make a copy of your proof that Vadim has a “really bad drug habit”. You made the charge on this site for all to see. Post your evidence on this site for all to see. It is interesting that you would post such a charge, that undermines a guys reputation, yet you take offense at a simple request for proof.

  13. “undermines his reputation”. He’s a porn performer dear, not a 4th year medical student.

  14. One thing I noticed is he keeps saying all these new guys starting at Dallas Reeves but allot if not most of the guys at Dallas Reeves have done scenes for other sites or studios already.
    Sounds like he had a disagreement of some sort with Dallas Reeves and BSB has decided to use it to their advantage. Jonny Forza seems to be happy there and he is form BSB.

  15. Coming from you, the arrogance and condescension of your comment doesn’t surprise me at all.

  16. Has anyone here ever noticed that the “straight loving brigade” never comes to the ‘defense’ of a gay guy who’s accused of being straight? Call a g4payer gay, though, and they jump down your throats. To me, it says that they need to keep their straight fantasy alive, and see anything opposite that is a threat.

  17. “I’m deff straight. But respect gay people”???!!! Don’t these fucking gay4payers understand that their proclaimation of their straightness is totally DISRESPECTFUL to gay people?! It’s like you’re saying oh yah, I do gay sex but I’m not one of you fags. Fucking ridiculous! Just acknowledge you are experiencing your bi side and you wouldn’t be such a douche.

  18. Answering a question is disrespectful? He was asked and he answered. If he never was asked and just went about proclaiming his sexuality, then it would be a different story.

  19. DallasReeves is a studio with issues. Performers are not paid in a timely manner and occasionally paid less than expected. With the recent accounts of both Dallas and Bailey inviting models to a more “personal” experience on the home front, the professionalism of DallesReeves is questionable.

  20. Steven I think you are the first person to ever use the word professionalism and DallasReeves in the same sentence! lol. Kudos for Vadim for speaking out and confirming what everyone already knew about this “studio”.

  21. It seems your point is that he isn’t str8 and is BI. That is your interpretation and that doesn’t make it the truth. I have watched his videos and he doesn’t seem to into it. He comes across as it being a job and not something he enjoys doing. The site is called Broke Straight Boys for a reason.

  22. Vadim is exceptionally hot…except for those stupid tattoos. They make him less attractive each time he gets a new one. Too bad he can’t find a better use of that so-desperately-needed money than to make himself look like a graffitied trash bin.

  23. I don’t mind the “baby dick”. He’s sexy. The face, the eyes, the body, the ass are all hot. I don’t know
    if he has a drug problem. Based on Paul Canon’s appearance lately, he looks like he has a bigger drug problem than Vadim.

  24. The whole BSB studio seems to be a den of drug addicts. Has anyone noticed the sad deterioration of the formally hot Dakota Ford? What a (predictable) shame.

  25. Yeah the person asking for validation/proof of Vadim having a drug habit as was proclaimed with no examples of anything to back that up – is right to have challenged that. Yes that does slander and undermine – and just because one does pornographic work does not make such a slander invalid; as one commentator was wont to claim. As if people in the pornographic arts and industry are somehow less than others; would be the assertion and assumption with that comment.
    The fact that the accuser of the drug use could only back that up with a ridiculous joke about Fed-Exing the proof etc….really undermines and invalidates their assertion into a spiteful derogatory insult which had been apparently baseless to begin with. Many of the commentators on here give the impression that a guy working in the pornographic arts is a person of somehow less worth etc; It is and clearly appears ‘catty’, probably a bit pathetic on their part, and certainly unfortunate. Do people come on these boards and indulge in commentator’ship to demean and lessen the personal value of the models/actors they also tune in to watch, as their main point in being here? Such negativity and badmouthing, especially when baseless – largely reflects back on the caster.

  26. Isn’t there a thread a few weeks back that Vadim is ripping people off for hundreds and thousands or dollars?

  27. Vadim admits to taking a number of prescription drugs to get through scenes when he was on MTV’s True Life: I’m a G4P Porn Star. Just because someone is a sex worker does not mean they are beneath you; if you engage in their services in anyway (including watching their porn), it is hypocritical to judge them. Vadim has since publicly come out as bisexual. I am sure that accepting this was a HUGE step for him since he used to be so defensive of his heterosexuality. If you have issues with str8 men in gay porn, don’t watch it, I like it. I do not like humiliation or explicitly rough, one-sided sex with no reciprocity (like Machofucker) so I do not watch it. Different strokes…

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