Vadim Black on his return to Broke Straight Boys and why he left Dallas Reeves

Vadim Black’s scene with Tyler White marked his return to Broke Straight Boys.



I was curios why he returned. Vadim was nice enough to answer a few questions via twitter.

01 How were you discovered by Broke Straight Boys? I was discovered. I surfed the web and applied.

02 How did you prepare for your first scene? And, how was the experience?  I didn’t prepare for my first scene that’s why it hurt so bad haha

03 What made you leave Broke Straight Boys and work for Dallas Reeves? Left because I had personal issues.

04 Why did you leave Dallas Reeves? Dallas Reeves are liars they treat all models bad and lie. They promise many things but don’t ever do them. The worst company I have ever worked for is Dallas Reeves. Wish it never happened. Super shady

05 What made you decide to return to Broke Straight Boys? Returned to BSB because their like my family and treat me with respect. And best company in porn.

06 Fans will always ask, are you gay, bi or str8? I’m deff straight. But respect gay people.