CF Select focuses on collection series

– from Jason401, sent via email, a Corbin Fisher loyal fan

After 4 weeks of inactivity @ CFSelect, they finally released a new collections series called "Coming Of Age in Tampa"


This posting also leans on my synopsis that CFS have decided to cease posting individual exclusive updates and favor their collection series format, presumably allowing for more contents to be featured on their ACM website.


NO COMPLAINTS from this loyal fan since it makes my annual $299 membership even sweeter —- having 5 weekly posting with THREE being NEW contents.

Coming Of Age in Tampa

  • Scene 1: Connor, Quinn & Kenny – 3-Way
  • Scene 2: Brayden Gives It to Zeb
  • Scene 3: Connor Bangs Rowan
  • Scene 4: Rowan & Quinn's POV

5 thoughts on “CF Select focuses on collection series

  1. I agree, I’m very excited with the change. Thing were getting stale and I appreciate the change. Hopefully they will release the older stuff with models like Dawson & Aiden because I prefer the older models.

  2. Wonder if the new CFS content will appear on ACM in a year or two?
    I confess to being unclear as to what makes the ‘collections’ unique. Just the fact that they are shot ‘on location’?

  3. CORRECTION IS NEEDED in the THIRD PARAGRAPH….as these are the FOUR SCENES related to this EXCLUSIVE CFS COLLECTION SERIES. … (NOT yet re-posted @ CF-ACM)
    “COMING of AGE in TAMPA”
    Scene 1: Connor, Quinn & Kenny – 3-Way
    Scene 2: Brayden Gives It to Zeb
    Scene 3: Connor Bangs Rowan
    Scene 4: Rowan & Quinn’s POV
    THANK U DENZ, “Happy Holidays”!!!

  4. CFSelect has over 200+ Exclusive Scenes, there’s a lot of content to be re-released to their ACM site. With only TWO CFS re-post per week,…CF has nearly 2 years worth to share @ Amateur College Men.
    I suggest everyone to treat themselves to the $299 Holiday Special Package….which includes ACM/ACS and a super bargain for 365 videos for under a $1.00-buck.
    CFS titles were $6.95 X 225 scenes = $1,563.75

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