Robert Axel as Robert Christian at Dylan Lucas

Dylan Lucas has not included released dates of their scenes for a long time. But, if you look at the site via Pride Studios, no scenes released from May 2014 to September 2014. It started regular updates of two scenes per month last October 2014.


Their latest update is with Robert Axel, who was given the name Robert Christian.


Dylan Lucas is now part of Pride Studios, which consists of 7 sites.

12 thoughts on “Robert Axel as Robert Christian at Dylan Lucas

  1. Is DylanLucas really back in BUSINESS.??? Here’s another Studio that DO NOT “DATE STAMP” THEIR VIDEOS….. therefore a bit challenging to determining OLD from the NEW,…especially for NEW Members.
    Here’s a question?? Lance Alexander is working at Randy Blue…and DL posted a video of his “Pool Side Jerk-off” on November 15, 2014 in the OLD 720X540 resolution. I conclude Lance has NOT returned to DL,..and yet his contents are being posted as current updates.
    When DL initially started,..he had a great bunch of guys….Brady Jensen, Chad Logan, Lance Alexander, Alex Waters, Austin Merrick…which became my FAVORITES …and suddenly, they disappeared.
    Would I re-join Dylan Lucas….”NO WAY”,…as he short-changed me on my last membership…with a CEASE of updating after a week of accepting my RENEWAL payment,..and provided NO credit or refund. (He still owes me three Weeks, and I ain’t holding my breath) LOL!!!
    Personally, I like Robert Axel,…. but don’t see Mr. Axel as a fit into the DL website….as initially this site centered around the Surfer-Slim Jock type model and Robert does NOT support that profile. (Just My Opinion).

  2. The guy who was “Robert Axel” OD’d in late 2013, so clearly this is not a new release.

  3. There’s often a significant interval between when a scene is filmed & when it’s released, so the scene could have been filmed in 2013 but not released previously. I know that it hasn’t appeared on DL before.
    And there’s a scene with him on DawgpoundUSA that was apparently released Oct 24, 2014 (according to the blog ‘The Lucky Star’)
    btw – what’s your source for his death?

  4. lol no the guy is still alive – he disappeared from gay porn a bit to do tranny porn. He’s featured quite heavily on and has a lot of recent releases.

  5. You’re not the only one but he really needs to leave DL. I miss Bradley Hudson and I haven’t really seen any new material from Lance, Alex or Austin in a while. I have no problem if Chad doesn’t come back. He gave me a douche vibe for some reason like SC’s Harley.

  6. I think it’s silly for you to find a scene boring just because the models are using a condom.

  7. For the record – I love Robert Axel, think he is really hot; but he did some wonderful bareback scenes as well.
    I only meant to say bare is better for the natural flow of the scene. Condom makes it really look fake, somehow. So until few years ago it was difficult to find really hot guys bare-backing – they bare-backing models always looks trashy and cheap – now it’s no longer the case thank god.

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