8 thoughts on “The model in Sean Costin of Gay Hoopla (tip @ faintster)

  1. The guy had nude selfies leak on QueerClick in December. I guess GayHoopla reached out to him and he figured, what the heck, and decided to give porn a shot. I’m so glad he did ’cause he’s one sexy motherf*ker!

  2. Sean Costin is incredibly perfect in every way. I have never had a membership with Gay Hoopla, but I’m considering joining now. 😉

  3. GH has had some pretty hot dudes grace their site but I’ve been hearing from friends and online folk that the site is kind of boring.

  4. The sex is terribly boring and just not good. The guy being hot can only do so much for the scenes. And the picture quality is also terrible, as well as camera movement in general. Apparently they have hired someone who has worked for another gay porn studio to make the site better, but not sure when those scenes he produced/directed will be released.

  5. All good points. I’ve had a couple of months of GayHoopla when half-price. The videography is generally crappy and the sex is usually quite boring, with few exceptions. IMO Sebastian Hook is a sweetheart and great performer; Tyler Hansen is a slut who loves to get fucked (also on cam4.com at times); and Zach Douglas is good; but the others are not great. The solos are just of pretty boys jerking off…boring.

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