Will Braun is the latest exclusive at MEN

If I am not mistaken, Guys In Sweatpants discovered Will Braun in 2013 via a live cam website. From his cam profile (inactive since 2013), it said he was straight. When he started doing porn, he said he was bisexual in his interview with The Sword "I try not to identify as anything other than an individual. I wouldn't know how to choose anyway. I would say that I'm bisexual, but somebody would just try to tell me I'm not."


He is now the latest exclusive at MEN and his first scene, paired with Jimmy Fanz, will be released this Friday.


11 thoughts on “Will Braun is the latest exclusive at MEN

  1. Love Will Braun and I really want to see him bottom but now that he’s at shitty Men.com, I doubt it’ll happen.

  2. You won’t see many openly gay men doing porn because they have a steady relationship with partners who wouldn’t like to share them, even if it’s a job, and most of them have stable, high paying jobs, unlike those broke, straight men.

  3. Will Braun is both boyishly cute and smokin hot. He looks like he could be the love child of JJ Swift and Zack Randall.

  4. Seven inches and straight.
    Cute….needs to get his ass blasted open by some heavy machinery. Probably will disappear from the scene after Men.com does a Johnny Rapid on him.
    But really….super cute.

  5. Men.com in his profile say Will Braun is versatile and I hope they soon put Will to the test as think he’ll will be great as both a top and bottom.

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