11 thoughts on “The model in Graham of SC (tip @ Defiant)

  1. Graham is my current favorite SC model. I love the slender builds on the athletic guys like him and Brooks over at SC.

  2. Graham looks a bit meatier in the modelling shots than in his SC scenes. Some people don’t seem to like him, but he is a very enthusiastic performer who loves what he does. That is more than you can say about most of these models. His scenes have all been hot.

  3. I like Graham too and I think he is one of SC’s better performers (clearly the boy likes to get fucked!!! YEAH!!) But to be honest, I never thought of him as model material, until I saw these recent pics. He has bulked up and his body looks really ripped – good for him!! Hopefully this will allow him to move out of the small town, where he currently lives, to a city with a bigger gay population.

  4. I hate graham. It’s his face…his mouth. if it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t be so bad.

  5. ‘Hate’… wow thats a really strong word to use for somebody I’m presuming that you have never met? or perhaps you grew up in the same neighbourhood as “Graham” and he bullied you everyday as a kid or he stole the one and only love of your life and you are still broken hearted. `??????????????????????????????
    This model may not be to your liking physically but steady on buddy… i mean what if the guy is reading this? and i very much doubt that you look likeor has what it takes to be a Sean Cody model…
    ps Graham if you are reading this.. you are a handsome lad…and a passionate performer .

  6. Agree. Some people don’t (can’t?) think about how what they are writing might be received/perceived. I recommend people to use the “preview” function on this website before they post. Graham has, perhaps, a toothy smile, but it shows his infectious enthusiasm. More people should smile like Graham. He has a great body about which he should, and probably is, proud.

  7. I love Graham…I can’t decide who I love more from this new group, Graham or Tate. Good thing I don’t have to really choose.

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