Tweets from porn stars on retirement, suicide & a comeback

Dato Foland tweeted yesterday that he has retired from gay porn since November 2014.


Sad news as another porn star committed suicide – Rylan Knox died yesterday.


Hours ago, Jeremy Stevens tweeted that he wants to work in gay porn again.


17 thoughts on “Tweets from porn stars on retirement, suicide & a comeback

  1. Rylan juns hung himself? No more data?
    By the way, does anyone knows anything about RB’s Logan Milano or CF’s Zane/Ace Stone? The suddenly deleted their twitter accounts and I had my eyes on them expecting more.

  2. Dato Foland
    Interesting although he claims to have retired from porn he was still promoting his work at LE. So makes me wonder is it him posting or is it LE. Or maybe it is a contractual agreement he has to follow through with.
    However really going to miss him loved his versatility and the way he fucked was incredible!

  3. Im sorry that is not a good reason for you to say that he did it there are many reasons why someone would do that. Look at Robin Willams the funniest man but, he was so depressed inside. So we have no way of knowing why he did it.

  4. I don’t need to see Jeremy Stevens again. I have 4 scenes of his…and all for the guy he was with, not for him.
    Dato leaving is 100 times the loss than Jeremy Stevens is the gain.

  5. Absolutely agree! Dato represnts far more the kind of fantasy sex that I watch porn for. It is a loss for him to retire. I just want to thank him for the enjoyment he has given to us. I do wish he does well in whatever he chooses to do. Also, I hope he gets out of the clutches of LE. Apparently, he’s a nice guy as well as easy on the eyes. Good Luck, Dato!

  6. I knew “Rylan” in his early teens and I agree the he was one of the nicest guys around. It was sad that we lost contact, but life does that sometimes. I remember him as having the quickest wit and always with a smile. He never seemed to be bothered by anyone or anything, but I guess he just covered that up. We all love the ocean and would drive all night to get to the coast just to seen the sunrise. You never forget those days or the people you’ve shared them with. It pains me that his end was too soon. I wish I could have done something to help him. But I was too self-absorbed. I could write so much more about him, but out of respect to his family, I’ll just leave it at that. And yes, I actually knew him. I’m not some random stranger typing anonymously in my undershorts on a Friday night.

  7. Severely depressed people are very good at covering it while in public, unfortunately. I notice that seems to be the case with most porn actors who have committed suicide. Most would say they were really cool people, but to themselves they were at a low. You never know sometimes until it’s just too late.

  8. This is a word-for-word copy (with only the name changed)of a post on the April 8 “a Message to Clay’s fans”. That post was attributed to ‘Saldo’.
    Someone is trying to use these tragedies to gain attention. Sad – if not sick!

  9. I don’t know what it is about Jeremy that I find so hot. I agree he could improve as a performer, but the man is DAMN SEXY. Loved his recent bareback clips….ULTRA HOT!

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