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Happy or sad with the return of Noel at Sean Cody?

It all started with a Reddit post last January 2014 that Noel, who was in high school, was outed for his gay porn work and was suspended for 10 days. The students from his school rallied behind him and days later he was back in school.

[The video was removed.]

According to Noel, he only worked for Sean Cody to support his mother. A month later after the incident, he went back to Sean Cody to film a scene with Dennis. That scene was released last April 2014 and included a talk about the incident.


He is back after a year of absence at Sean Cody with new tattoos on his left shoulder and a bulked up body. In a few hours, his scene with Curtis will be released.


Are you happy or saddened by Noel’s return? I usually read comments from fellow porn fans that a return of a porn stars meant his life outside porn was not successful. Add to that, if you search for his real name, it’s all about his gay porn work.