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The issue with Brady Bennett and Ryan Rose

Last April, I made a post about Brady Bennett, who could have worked at Sean Cody. But, according to Ryan Rose, Brady was scalped by Paul & Grant and was forced to participate in a drug fueled parties.


Brent Corrigan took defense of Brady against Ryan Rose the other day on twitter. While, Brady re-tweeted the tweets of Brent.

Ryan Rose has not yet replied to Brent Corrigan’s tweets.

FYI Brady Bennett was in a relationship with Erik Clark but before he was introduced at Broke Straight Boys, he shared a photo of his girlfriend on twitter last April 11 and Erik was cool with the relationship.


Brady’s latest scene at Broke Straight Boys was with Trevor Laster where the description of the scene said “Brady Bennett is back to make some more money, and from the sounds of it, his extra cash goes mostly to his girlfriend…


But, on twitter, Brady loves cock.