22 thoughts on “Brady Bennett could have worked at SC

  1. No, not g4p this guy says he’s bi but leans more towards guys. I’ve seen him long before he was a “porn star” in his cam shows over at chaturbate. This whole gf thing don’t think it will work out. Or maybe she’s just his best friend trying to play up to bsb marketing ploy they’ve done it before.

  2. Forgot to mention that i don’t think SC would’ve hired him doesn’t really seem to fit the mold in my opinion.

  3. Yeah….It makes me think he’s….not all that bright.
    Also it seems like he’s doing voice to type versus actually typing.

  4. Grant and his aging boy toy Paul and their green card marriage are all sleazy as hell. Brady is just one of the many dumb twinky kids they prey on.

  5. I always forget about that when I see such rough-hewn writing skills. maybe he was working a trick while ‘writing” a tweet

  6. RBO is a sorry excuse for a porn site. I joined…once…and just for Brady Bennett. I knew going in that updates were going to be few and far between. They’ve posted 5 updates thus far in 2015. It’s really pathetic.

  7. While normally I am and try to be neutral towards him, who the fuck is Ryan Rose to call someone else’s past shady? He’s starting to rub me wrong now.

  8. He reminds me of a friend of mine. God, I love that girl to death but I hate reading the text messages that she sends. The grammatical errors, misuse of words and acronyms after acronyms. Hell, with the way I’m complaining you would think that I was talking about a bad term paper.

  9. And how about all the people who post blog comments who, not only using their phones (which somehow excuse all their fuck ups), but use texting shorthand where you don’t use punctuation, capitalization and you make up your own acronyms or otherwise use obscure ones.

  10. Ugh, don’t remind me. That same friend sent an e-mail to me that was so horrible that I sent her a reply telling her to never send me any shit like that ever again. I couldn’t read a word of that e-mail. It was horrible. I told her it’s a wonder she even passed her English classes.

  11. “now” !!! lol. then you haven’t been paying attention.
    this dude is a fucking mess of a human being.

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