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Top to bottom for Adam Bryant

Men ended 2015 with the first time as bottom of Adam Bryant. According to Adam, the scene was filmed several months ago.



I asked Adam a few questions about his first time.

What made you decide to bottom? Was it part of your exclusive contract?

Adam: I decided to bottom at least this once just to see if I could. The money helped too. I am not sure how much of the contract I can discuss.


How did you prepare for the scene?

Adam: I really didn’t prepare, I probably should’ve got used to the experience first.


 How was the experience taking Diego Sans’ dick?

Adam: Well painful at times, but I think he did really well at not going too hard.


Will you do it again?

Adam: Sure if I get paid enough. Hate to sound like I’m only about the money but that’s what it comes down to.


Question to my fellow porn fans – Do you want to watch another scene of Adam as a bottom?