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First time for Santino, Judas Cole, & Tomas Decastro

Santino’s scene with Franco is his first time as a bottom at Chaos Men. How did he prepare the night before the scene was filmed? According to the site “He did have his girl play with his ass the night before. He said she got a couple fingers in, and it was fine when it was in, but she pulled out and he had fight the urge to run for the bathroom. So he was a little dubious of his own performance.





Judas Cole is the older brother of Preston Cole according to Randy BluePreston Cole let us know that his older brother was also gay and was interested into joining Randy Blue.” For his first scene, Judas barebacked Adrian Kelly.

Do you agree they are brothers? Fellow porn fan Nico thinks it might be a gimmick “Apart from the cleft chin, their physiques are different, Judas is cut, Preston is not. Marketing trick?




Both William Higgins & its sister site, Str8 Hell, already introduced Tomas Decastro. Str8 Hell released a scene of Tomas that had him fingered and inserted with a dildo.