From Dallas Steele “Here’s to a bigger, fuller booty in 2017!”

NOTE This statement was posted by Dallas Steele a day before the surgery.


Remember at the start of this month, I said I had a BIG surprise for y’all? Well here it is…

All of us have genetic gifts and genetic limitations. We inherit what our mothers and fathers give us whether it’s good or bad. After being a fat teen, getting severely bullied, and dropping out of high school because of it, I took my GED, went on to college, then lost the weight. At my heaviest at 15-years-old, I was then 5’10 and 235lbs with a 40 inch waist.

I’ve spent 26 years working on my physical self. I competed in amateur bodybuilding for four years and did pretty well. But because of genetic limitations, sometimes some of our body parts don’t change or don’t grow nearly as much as we’d like them to no matter how much hard work we put into them. Such is the case with my ass. I can squat up to 315lbs for four sets of 10 down to horizontal or slightly below and I can walking lunge with 100lbs on my back for 20 minutes. My quads are great… big, thick, solid, but nothing has ever produced a bigger ass for me.

Whether it’s chemical or plastic or just hard work, I’m all for people getting all the help they can to make them feel they are the best they can be. Since two of those three solutions haven’t worked for my ass, I’m going with the other- yes IMPLANTS! I have thought about this for ten years, studied about it for five years and talked to at least a dozen people who have had the procedure.

Tomorrow, my ass will be forever changed by Dr. David Liland of Park Cities Plastic Surgery ( ).

I’m realistic about my expectations, and I’m not hoping or wanting to be the next J Lo. Like many women say about their breasts, “I’m just tired of being flat there.” If there is any improvement at all, I’ll be thrilled. Aside: One of my clients is paying for this.

I’ll be out of the gym for 10 days, then I can resume upper body work. After 3 weeks, I can begin light lower body exercise, then after six weeks, I can begin ramping up the lower body stuff.

There is no shame in this for me. If you’re curious about anything, ask me. Later please ask to feel them! I’m excited about this… here’s to a bigger, fuller booty in 2017!


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