Is Cliff Jensen a great addition to gay porn?

I first saw a scene of Cliff Jensen back in 2010.



He was always the top such as his scenes from Men.




There was a pause in his career back in 2015 since he went to prison.


He came back this year via his scene at Men.




And, he has been doing live cam shows via Chaturbate.


Men just made Cliff their exclusive.


Hot or not? 

40 thoughts on “Is Cliff Jensen a great addition to gay porn?

  1. He is hot and him going to prison was a mistake he paid for when he was younger. That’s ok compared to what other porn stars have done to get them in prison like murder, extortion, and other things. But, he really does need to bottom sometime otherwise his fans will get bored with his scenes. Paddy O’Brian was a complete top and now he has been a bottom for 13 of his scenes or was it 10 anyway. He really needs to change otherwise its not worth it for him returning.

  2. It’s time for this guy to bottom…full-time, otherwise he should knock porn on the head and sort his life out.

  3. it’s a HUGE no for me.
    especially that prison pic LOL! his head looks like a small peanut.

  4. Very hot, I’d rather he didn’t have all the tattoos , but something about him is imposing and very hot.

  5. A guy can do whatever and gay porn will welcome him back, as long as he’s straight.

  6. He should be the next Top to Bottom and Men should pay him handsomely for this exclusive as he’s still quite hot. Loved the scene where he was rimmed and fingered by Brenn Wyson but didn’t go any further…a big tease.

  7. Hot i do like him with the beard better though,lol he needs to start switching things up,

  8. I find him hot. Maybe get the new looking Johnny Rapid in there bottoming for a full scene too. I would love for him to bottom but there honestly isn’t anyone on the current MEN roster i’d wanna see doing it. Maybe if he went back mainstream studio there’d be a few tops…i guess maybe Paddy or JJ Knight could top him at MEN. But most of there guys don’t have the stroke i’d like to se open that booty

  9. He’s very hot, and what he went to prison for was not very serious. I hope he eventually bottoms, but I’ll still watch his scenes, even if he doesn’t.

  10. Not hot and a boring performer. I don’t get all these commenters saying that he should bottom – WHY??? He would be screaming like a little bitch the entire time (i.e. SC’s Brandon, Topher Dimaggio). It would be a TOTAL disaster! If he was a better performer, I would be fine with him being a total top. I didn’t miss him while he was in prison and am not interested since he came back. The one good thing about him is his deep sexy voice, which unfortunately does not a porn star make!

  11. Always hot. Better with the beard. And never needs to bottom as far as I’m concerned. Not every performer has to be versatile.

  12. NOT HOT…he looks like any straight man who has just come out of prison who has sex with men for money..ugh….everytime i watch him i feel unclean…are we really that desperate???

  13. Personally, I think they’ve all get to bottom. The whole strict top-only thing is boring…and this guy has got boring! Admittedly, he’s now quite as boring as Diego Sans and Jordan Levine, who unless they start becoming pig-bottoms and not top, top, topping in every single video (badly) I’d rather they just left porn altogether.

  14. He has some sex appeal. And his solos and straight scenes are a turn-on. But he remains a horrible performer in gay porn. I don’t even bother with those scenes anymore.

  15. He should Bottom already – now that would be hot and new (plus he gets to show us what he learned behind bars)

  16. Is it even to wonder is he was the blowjob queen of his cell-block? No gay porn star (gay4pay porn star) has ever spoken about their experiences in prison…and if the other prisoners knew or found out.

  17. isn’t is always like that with pornstars?
    go look at ryan cage now. they completely ruin their bodies as if trashy was the thing to aim for.

  18. Cliff is a good guy!!! I follow him on twitter. I wouldn’t mind seeing him bottom. But if not he makes it with his head skills. Dude can suck a dick.

  19. He is deffinatley one that needs to throw in the towel. He has passed his peak. Seems ever film he is in is exactly the same just with a different partner. Sure it was hot at first with his power topping and his deep voice but its getting tired.I don’t want to see his skinny ass bottom either. He is so disproportionate. Big biceps but its like that’s all he knows how to work out. Flat ass, flat chest and skinny chicken legs. All he’s got goin for him is a big dick. I will pass

  20. His solos where hes grinding on a t shirt and fucking a soccer ball? So boring and mediocre. The only reason I remember them id because I realized I would never get those 20 mins of my life back after watching them.

  21. I spoke to someone who did a scene with him recently…he was apparently awful to even be around. Terrible attitude, unpleasant to perform with…the other guy nearly walked out of the shoot, because it was so bad.
    He’s very screwed-up and is coming apart at the seams.

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