9 thoughts on “Jay Roberts as a model (tip @ Alias74)

  1. No doubt… He got the face and his body still hot… The daddy look for it’s like a bonus for him… Nowadays a lot of younger model and not mature model… Good for him… But I hate his hair… I think it need something like 2000 not 90′..

  2. He’s changed so much over the years! I mean, I think he looks great now, but a decade in porn and escorting for what must be thousands of men…I wonder if it’s taken its toll on him?

  3. I prefer the more mature models…not ancient guys who are sold as being as much, but the likes of Dirk Caber, if only Mike Branson would show his face again, etc.

  4. Look at the first set of pics! He was so young back then. Which is not to say he’s not hot now – he still is. Also, now we know he’s Slovakian!

  5. Now? I’ve known Jay was Slovakian a long time ago. Not long after he was with MAP because a fan asked him where he was from originally.

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