REVIEW by Alias74 on “Nicholas Duff & Zane: RAW”


After nearly 8 years since he graced the clips of Corbin Fisher and ChaosMen, Zane returns to the fold….newly minted as gay and sporting quite the "daddy" look. One thing's for sure, Zane is still sexy as hell AND still knows how to deliver a slutty, sex hungry performance (I do love me a hot, big-dicked muscle bottom). Paired with Nicholas Duff, he deep dives in the oral portion and takes Duff's admirably sized cock like a pro. Sadly, Duff is not up to snuff – punking out on servicing Zane's sizeable dick and fucking with all the emotion and excitement of a dime store mannequin. Not exactly the hardcore comeback I expected. DAT ZANE THO'!


Controversy aside regarding Zane (I know…it is a little tough to unring some of the bells about this performer), the dude looks HOTTER than ever, which says a lot considering he was always pretty stellar in back in the day. He turns in a piggy performance here reminiscent of his strong and silent clips of yore.


Dude even really goes to town on Duff's cock, deep throating and later executing a flawless, single take ATM mid-fucking. And talk about a deep dive rimming…it’s enough to make even Duff beam with pleasure.


The clip follows the same routine of most ChaosMen clips (make out, trade oral, 69, rim, fuck), and truth be told, it is rather rote and quickly tiresome. It really only springs to life in the latter reverse cowboy and missionary fuck.


Zane's load is really nothing to speak about, but manages to coat his abs nonetheless. Speaking of disappointing loads, blink and you’ll miss Duff blowing his load while simultaneously cream pie shoving it into Zane's beautiful gape.


Duff is the weak link here (although it's curious "that other blog" and other bloggers haven't picked up on the fact that for all the accusations of Zane being racist, Duff is clearly ethnic and not "Caucasian"). His oral leaves much to be desired (barely going down the length of Zane's delicious tool) and his rimming is LAUGH-ABLE (and probably faked).


Add to that any number of flaws on both performers magnified by high definition, and this "comeback" feels a little lackluster.


Let's hope Zane's future clips set the 'Net on fire and give him a proper come-back.


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19 thoughts on “REVIEW by Alias74 on “Nicholas Duff & Zane: RAW”

  1. “Add to that any number of flaws on both performers magnified by high definition, and this “comeback” feels a little lackluster.” Seriously!?
    Because we all have perfect bodies or unlike CF we don’t use 10 coats of spray tan to cover up imperfections! This scene brought out more of a performance than any ACM he had over at Corbinfisher.

  2. Two quick things- I’ve yet to see any receipts regarding Zane’s “atrocious” behaviour other than Mason’s account, which had no video/audio, photographic or witness corroboration. It was literally just Mason saying “This is what happened.”
    If we’re swallowing what Mason Wyler gives regarding who is saint and who is sinner, we’re all fucked, and not in the fun way.
    Secondly- what are these “flaws”? Stretch marks from working out? A nose that is slightly aquiline? Farmer’s tan? None of these come close to eclipsing Zane’s cock-hungry performance, which is a thing of beauty. And a thing of beauty lasts forever. Or at least long enough to rub one out.

  3. So, according to this review, it doesn’t matter if he was probably marching in Charlottesville with the rest of his bros as long as he’s totes hawt. Leave me out of the racist apologia.

  4. As Grindr has taught us, “No Blacks, no Asians” leaves a wide variety of “ethnic” white-adjacent types who fit those “preferences” just fine.

  5. I dunno. I feel like I’ve seen Zane do better in other clips. My real point was that Duff pretty much was the weak sauce in the scene which got kinda boring kinda fast.
    I agree Zane was fucking AMAZE-O!

  6. Agreed / +1 / YESYESYES to Zane being great in this. I love the dude and can’t wait for more.
    I completely agree that the Mason thing smacks of sour grapes and can’t really be trusted given Wyler’s track record. It’s kinda why I’m giving Zane a pass on all that (which is more than I can say for commenter right underneath this comment). Besides I won’t go into what I do for a living but my job has shown me that people can change.
    As for the flaws…me pointing them out has more to do with them being jarring. If you’ve read my reviews for any length of time I find a LOT of things beautiful including imperfections. I review on a HUGE HD monitor and the flaws were just jarring is all – and it’s not Duff’s nose I was pointing out: it was the angry red patches / possible port wine stains on his face.

  7. You read a lot into what I wrote that really wasn’t there to say nothing of the fact that it WAS a while back and based solely on the word of someone whose behavior has and kinda is questionable (see Wyler’s current feed which includes praising his husband but then trolling for anon tops to breed him).
    But thanks for your opinion. Keep reading!

  8. As a “femmy” gay Asian male who unfortunately got lumped into that very exclusion group when I was single back in the 90’s…I totally get your comment. And it is true regarding the “white-adjacent” comment you made. I guess my statement in the review was really more a call out to SUGP and other blogs that were quick to hail this as the “return of a racist” but they left out any examination of Duff and his ethnic background. To me, Duff doesn’t read “white adjacent”.
    I went back and reviewed Duff’s solo on ChaosMen and Corbin Fisher. While there is no definitive statement about his ethnic background, it seemed clear to me that english may not be Duff’s primary language.
    I’m all for diversity…and thankfully ChaosMen has been one that’s always been inclusive of such diversity in porn.

  9. Zane scared me away from CM. I was about to rejoin, as I’ve seen improvement recently (finally), but if this guy is back, no thanks.

  10. I don’t how much I believe about Zane’s racism but I do believe he had a substance problem since multiple sites he worked for alluded to it after he disappeared. That said, I always liked the way he looked and am glad to see him back although I’d prefer him as a top myself.
    Nicholas on the other hand could disappear and I wouldn’t miss him at all. From the pinched lip “aunt” kissing to the complete lack of interest he shows in being with a man, he’s not worth watching.

  11. Again I went back and watched his CF and CM solo. Judging on how he pronounced certain words…my guess is he’s Persian (Iranian).

  12. Wait…what? Can you clarify what it was about Zane that “scared” you? And that was like….way back in the day.

  13. Those comments are ridiculous. The expectation that our porn performers have zero blemishes…not a single ingrown hair is insanity.

  14. I won’t hate on CM for Zane’s past personal preferences, but the site owner did come out and say he lost them like $9000 for failing to shoot a few scenes. He would’ve been toast after that. He could’ve went the SC’s recycle bin and picked up anyone else with cookie-cutter yt boy looks and a muscular body at the risk of losing that much $$$ again.

  15. I’m black, so won’t be watching any of his scenes. I accept that Mason Wyler may have been lying, but with the amount of racism in the gay population I won’t be giving Zane the benefit of the doubt. Pair him with a black model and I’ll start watching him again.

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