Alias74 on “Nicholas Duff & Zane: RAW”


After nearly 8 years since he graced the clips of Corbin Fisher and ChaosMen, Zane returns to the fold….newly minted as gay and sporting quite the “daddy” look. One thing’s for sure, Zane is still sexy as hell AND still knows how to deliver a slutty, sex hungry performance (I do love me a hot, big-dicked muscle bottom). Paired with Nicholas Duff, he deep dives in the oral portion and takes Duff’s admirably sized cock like a pro. Sadly, Duff is not up to snuff – punking out on servicing Zane’s sizeable dick and fucking with all the emotion and excitement of a dime store mannequin. Not exactly the hardcore comeback I expected. DAT ZANE THO’!


Controversy aside regarding Zane (I know…it is a little tough to unring some of the bells about this performer), the dude looks HOTTER than ever, which says a lot considering he was always pretty stellar in back in the day. He turns in a piggy performance here reminiscent of his strong and silent clips of yore.


Dude even really goes to town on Duff’s cock, deep throating and later executing a flawless, single take ATM mid-fucking. And talk about a deep dive rimming…it’s enough to make even Duff beam with pleasure.


The clip follows the same routine of most ChaosMen clips (make out, trade oral, 69, rim, fuck), and truth be told, it is rather rote and quickly tiresome. It really only springs to life in the latter reverse cowboy and missionary fuck.


Zane’s load is really nothing to speak about, but manages to coat his abs nonetheless. Speaking of disappointing loads, blink and you’ll miss Duff blowing his load while simultaneously cream pie shoving it into Zane’s beautiful gape.


Duff is the weak link here (although it’s curious “that other blog” and other bloggers haven’t picked up on the fact that for all the accusations of Zane being racist, Duff is clearly ethnic and not “Caucasian”). His oral leaves much to be desired (barely going down the length of Zane’s delicious tool) and his rimming is LAUGH-ABLE (and probably faked).


Add to that any number of flaws on both performers magnified by high definition, and this “comeback” feels a little lackluster.


Let’s hope Zane’s future clips set the ‘Net on fire and give him a proper come-back.


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