17 thoughts on “Oleg vs Ronan vs Axel vs Logan vs Hammond vs Shane vs Marco vs Woody

  1. OMG! William Higgins really made it this time! What a stud! I’m leaking pre-cum just by watching those two pics posted here of Oleg Hubert! To bad he doesn’t look to happy. But what a beauty!

  2. Alex Kane has such a sexy looking face and a beautiful body. His less than porn star size penis may require that he make his porn career as a hot and sexy bottom guy. Nothing wrong with that. The bottom is often the main reason that a scene is hot.

  3. CM casting is horrible. I don’t see all twinks, but I also do not see any GOOD LOOKING GUYS!
    Bryan will cast anyone. Not good.

  4. Actually…there are a few decent ones. The question is though…do we get more than a solo from a single one of them, let alone the hotties?
    Unless Woody, Shane, Logan and ESPECIALLY Oleg actually do something with another guys…ideally, sucking one dry and being taken balls deep, then I do only have so much consideration for them.

  5. Not that someone like you would understand, but I hope he never bottoms. Asians (and Eurasians) are often forced to bottom regardless. I don’t see your people complaining about other kinds of average sized porn stars being forced to bottom.

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