Was it really Kyle Dean who stole money from his fans?

Last year, I shared a conversation from a fan with Kyle Dean in which the fan accused Kyle Dean of blocking him after he paid money for a Skype show.


Kyle Dean did tweet that some individuals were trying to bring him down.


If you look at the proof, the username used was therealkyledean. And, the twitter account of Kyle Dean is KyleDeanXXXΒ (I have no access to this account).

It seems threalkyledean is not the real Kyle Dean or the account was stolen from him in 2016 or partner in crime gone bad? If you click this link –Β https://twitter.com/realkyledeanxxx/status/969281496774316033 – it will now redirect to a new username (HunnitBandJugg‏). One of the tweets included an apology for stealing the money.


*** I was not able to get a screen shot of the original tweet that had the realkyledeanxxx as the twitter handle. I only noticed that it was renamed.


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