It’s now streaming only for all members of English Lads

At English Lads, access to the site is based on the member’s geographic location. For instance, members from the USA were able to download videos on their 31st day as a member.


For others, it was streaming only.


It’s now streaming only for all members of English Lads regardless of your geographic location.


But, there are still differences in membership depending on your geographic location with regards to photo availability & streaming sizes.



Why the change to streaming only?

From English LadsI started this website in 2003 and we went live in January 2004, some 14 years on the business is very different. Over the years we have had many great models, at the beginning we had as many gay models as straight, in recent years all our models are straight lads, just the way the model applications go. It is always fascinating to watch them come on a journey; some don’t leave solo world, some do things that both they and I never imagined they would go on and do and those are always the models that have done so much to keep us all engaged. The internet has changed significantly in this time and so have people’s online habits and as a result I am changing the types of membership we offer. Today anyone starting a new membership will get faster more responsive streaming and all five sizes of video can be streamed. Video downloads will remain only for those of you that currently have them. I rarely talk about piracy, but that is the sole reason I am making this change. I pursue people all round the world and it is becoming too much work and not the reason I run the website, so for the foreseeable future we won’t offer downloads on new memberships.

To keep downloads on your membership keep your membership active or have no more than a two day break between your future memberships.

With best wishes and here is to the next 14 years of great models.


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