Men vs Trans Angels on Dick Swap

Two porn sites released a scene titled Dick Swap.

The first one was from Men with Theo Ross & Nikko Russo "Theo RossTattooed cutie Theo Ross just wants to get his dick wet, but his roommate slender Nikko Russo really isn’t having it. Muscular Theo devises a plan and purchases a 3D dildo sex doll so he can at least get off watching him ride it, but has an even better idea and swaps places with the doll when Theo gets off it to answer the door. He places himself in the same position with his erect dick, and waits for Nikko to come back, and slide onto his cock. How long will it take Nikko to notice?"






The second one was from Trans Angels with Michael DelRay and Domino Presley "Domino Presley is sick of her roommate Michael Del Ray using his girlfriend as an excuse to ignore their sizzling chemistry. She hatches a plan to lure him into her arms by ordering a torso dick dildo for a sneaky prank. Horny stud Michael sees the toy and is incapable of resisting, taking it for a test drive in his bedroom immediately. But, he's fallen right into Domino's master plan. When Michael's toy ride is interrupted by a phone call Domino sneaks into the room, replacing the torso dick dildo with herself! Michael comes back to continue riding the dildo, only to discover it's his sexually neglected roommate. Rather than get mad he realizes this is a great chance to get off, and the two roommates throw down in an intense flip-flop fuck and suck session that ends with both of them shooting their loads all over Domino."






41 thoughts on “Men vs Trans Angels on Dick Swap

  1. So is the proliferation of trans-scenes that I’ve been noticing lately the result of:
    1) Political correctness/fighting for the rights of the ever-expanding LGBTQA+ alphabet?
    2) The preferences of gay porn models who’d rather fuck girls but will take trans as acceptable compromises?
    3) What consumers really want to see?
    Because if it’s 3, I hope there’s a ‘hell, NO!!’ club coming that I can sign up for…

  2. I’m cool with people doing whatever type of porn they wish. Nick Capra did a few decent trans scenes and I thought it was no big deal. But the motivations and attitudes of many of these others guys is clearly about something else. I would say that at least 70% of these guys who have recently done female trans scenes are homosexual/homo-leaning/homoromantic/gay or conventionally heterosexual. But there’s money to be made and politics to push. And a lot of these guys are desperate to appeal to everyone and desperate to “prove” that they’re not homosexual or at least not one of those “closed-minded” homos.
    I honestly don’t think Michael Del Rey is particularly into trans women sexually. The couple of scenes I’ve seen him with trans chicks are were fairly awkward, and he had a difficult time in both clips fucking the trans chick. If I had to guess I’d say he’s probably much more cis chicks and even dudes than trans women.
    The real problem is that all these homosexual/homo-leaning/gay men and conventionally hetero men doing trans porn just leads to incredibly lame trans porn.

  3. Well, porn is a busine$$ if you care so much about gay pornstars sexuality, GPorn is not for you, is better you watch amateur.

  4. Never three! Not for me anyways!
    T-porn is not GAY porn! It’s something entirely different for an entirely different audience.
    I really wish gay-porn blogs would stop posting that stuff….but they’re “sponsors…” so yeah, who cares what we want, or rather DON’T want.
    As for number 2…several condom only g4p models have don’t bareback with t-s but would never with guys. interesting ain’t it?

  5. I think you are absolutely right, Qanada. I’ve seen more and more gay porn blogs with Trans-porn coverage. Umm, they’re totally not the same audience. In fact, I know several men who continue to identify closer to straight that date trans-women; so I’m thinking if this blog and others cover trans-porn, we might as well be talking about Brazzers latest update.
    Not trans-phobic, but come on!

  6. The problems with trans porn is that it often looks more like “gay” porn in the sense that most of the people in the genre are not into the other. Very few of the transgirls are really into men they are in it for money and validation. There are very few Blanchardian HSTs. Most of the men are in it for money or to push an agenda.Kai Bailey is one of the few who I think is really into them. Christianxxx,Wolf Hudson,Gabriel Dellasandro are a few others. Mason Lear performs well and Capra’s scenes were fine. For a real surreal experiance watch FTM porn. Most of the guys are gay or bi and it’s very “interesting.”

  7. I think bisexual men or pansexual men are the main market for trans porn NOT gay men. For me seeing MTF in porn they are like in purgatory they are not male or female. She male porn is definitely for men who see themselves as straight. These men know they can watch trans porn in private it is a niche market.

  8. I agree trans porn is NOT gay porn since gay men it us not our market. I might watch a FTM video but MTF is not for me. Gay porn blogs need to STOP including trans porn because their target market is bisexual, pansexual, down low and straight men,

  9. The reason porn blogs are covering trans porn particularly MTF is because so many 2nd tier gay porn performers and a few top tier performers are doing it. Many of these guys are cutting back the gay work they do but have not cut back the trans work and are looking for bi and straight work. These blogs also cover trans because increasingly everything in regards to sex has become politicized and “queered.” Soon the only all male sites will be the traditional Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher,Gay Hoopla, Nextdoor, Chaos Men ect. Ok Corbin Fisher is not all male but you get my drift and I could Chaos and Tim Tales adding trans dudes. But Men, LE, CockyBoys ,Helix,Falcon and the rest will add women and trans in sexual roles in the coming years. As gay porn become less market oriented and more politicized and “queer” oriented.

  10. I. Do. Not. Get. It.
    Why is gay porn expected to accept trans porn? Trans used to be a category all of its own, but now? Now gay porn is expected to accommodate it, or be branded transphobic.
    Now, if straight porn was also being FORCED to accept trans porn, that would be different…but doesn’t anyone see that happening under pain of death?

  11. You would think it would be more categorized on the str8 side of porn especially since more str8 and bisexual men fantasize over being with/having sex with a tranny. I don’t care what one does sexually but I’m sorry trans porn is just one genre of porn that I simply can’t get into. I wanna dicks and pecs, not with breasts and wigs and makeup and fingernails. If that’s the case I can watch brazzers, or evil angels

  12. Regardless of the cock…they’re outwardly feminine, so I’d say straight porn is more appropriate than wanting to see two “guys” going at it.

  13. There are plenty of very fem dudes out there. Guys who have a preference for those type of “queers” aren’t allowed to see themselves as “gay”? And hell, there’s some butch MTF trans women.
    Using masculinity and femininity as a border for identity has always been problematic.

  14. A male friend of mine just got out of a brief relationship with a trans chick and is gay-identifying. I very briefly dated a trans chick in my early twenties and am gay-identifying. And people forget that there are plenty of guys who have some romantic/sexual/relationship passions and interests in men and women but don’t have any of those things for any trans people. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different idea about what all these identities mean. Everyone has a different sociology and sense of self. Everyone has a different perception of gender. Everyone has different sociology circumstances. And everyone is on their own romantic, sexual, emotional, relationship spectrum. This makes everything difficult to quantify and be exact about.
    There is very much a market for men and women who enjoy watching a variety of different types of porn and who enjoy watching performers get it on with a lot of different types of people. But trying to desperately attach MTF trans porn to gay porn and hyping up using performers who do gay porn or identify as gay does seem to be mostly about politics, ego, trying to stir up controversy to get these sites and scenes attention, and homosexual/homo-leaning/homoromantic/gay people assisting their trans friends.
    The funny thing is that there are a lot of trans people and bi/pan/fluid/queer identifying people who recognize the porn industry is trying to do and has issues with it.

  15. At the end of the day, the real issue I continue to have is the overall male-centered homophobia and gay-shame that the porn industry as a whole continues to support. There are seemingly 100’s of lesbian identifying female performers that do whatever porn they please and no one bats as eye. Yet, there aren’t any gay-identifying male performers who do a decent amount of non-gay porn. No (American) male performer who gets a decent amount of work in “mainstream” straight porn will even admit to having some same-sex attractions or passions yet alone will embrace “gay” or is willing to admit to having gay preferences romantically, sexually or relationship wise or is willing to have a non-closeted gay relationship. While the gay porn side continues to push hetero worship, hype up non homosexuality and treat it as something superior, and some gay sites treat gay-identifying performers as second class citizens. Within the entire “queer community” there’s a lack of support when it comes to same-sex love and commitment and there continues to be a movement to either have people not embrace being seen as “gay” and/or to make “gay” mean something that’s incredibly basic and one-note and stagnant. Outside of a couple of “cliques” and sites there is no “gay pride” in the porn industry as whole. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There’s also been a lot of recent lame and extremely manipulated trans and straight porn scenes because so many people are trying to be something that they’re not or trying to prove their “open-mindedness”.
    If all of this wasn’t the case I’d have zero problems with performers getting it on with whoever they wish on or off camera. It’s ultimately their bodies and their bank accounts.

  16. I’ve just got to say…but in the good old days, there was straight porn, gay porn…and then the shades of grey. Trans, fetish, bondage, humiliation, etc…but now it’s being not made in its own right, but forced into gay porn.
    Gay porn deserves to stand alone.

  17. I think as another poster said so many gay porn models are now doing trans porn to earn more money. It is no longer taboo to do trans porn. Michael Del Ray and Dante Colle are two young guys who do every porn for cash. Interestingly I just saw Michael and Cliff Jensen in a bisexual movie for Devil’s Film with woman. But they had to wear condoms when they fucked the woman. This surprised me most straight porn they do not use condoms. But I notice crossover male models who do bisexual porn have to use condoms when working with women.

  18. Because most transwomen like biological females. Contrary to what porn wants to show you. But they did get the “straight” men lusting after them part right. Many studs in real life go after transwomen because they’re too chicken to get it on with a biological guy, so the transwomen is a stopgap. Has the male part but looks like a woman.

  19. Fem gays might be more womanly looking but they still mostly look and present themselves as male. And some of them still take on a traditional “male” role.
    Trans is something completely else. Butch MTF transwoman like biological women. They transitioned from masc male to butch lesbian. They present themselves as female

  20. Based on what I read, that’s too PC even for me.
    There will always be some outliers- people that want to try something “new-” but the majority of us DO NOT want to be bombarded with boner killers when we’re trying to get off.
    Gay porn blogs usually censor hetero porn when they post it, but for some reason don’t to trans porn when most of us do not want to see that. they even “moderate” those comments because they know we don’t! money talks, and I guess those sites are paying the blogs $$$$$$ to force that onto us. trans=/=gay

  21. So many guys here are so bothered about trans porn, then STOP commenting on these posts! Trans porn is NOT STRAIGHT, it’s not gonna be on straight sites or straight blogs, it’s just another shade of GAY/queer. Just like when people complain about twinks, tatted guys, bears, fem guys, small tops, black guys, it goes on and on. If it doesn’t work for you, then move along and stop complaining because it works for someone else.
    These guys are sucking dick, getting ass fucked and slapping balls when they fuck, they’re not straight!

  22. Maybe some of these websites can sponsor cheating trans athletes like Rachel McKinnon, Hannah mouncey or Andraya yearwood.
    When trans women start attacking gay civil rights icons like Martina I think the time has come to re-evaluate what the community really stands for.

  23. Martina’s language was insensitive. However, feeling as if trans people shouldn’t compete against cis people in sports does not by itself equate to transphobia.

  24. I think the issue is that up until a couple years ago trans porn was very much its own thing. There were still performers in gay porn that did trans scenes, and it wasn’t that big of a deal. But it had its own lane. However, over the past year there’s been a push to attach trans porn to gay porn and there’s a hyping of gay porn performers or gay-identifying men doing trans porn. That hype, that aggressive push to attach to gay porn, and the often hypocritical politicking is I think what some people are bothered by.
    I personally see anyone who has overall romantic, sexual, relationship preferences not towards their opposite cis gender as “gay”. There’s just different types of “gay”. Mostly homoromantic same-sex leaning pansexual gays (like myself), female trans-leaning gays, bi-romantic homosexual gays, homoromantic sexually hetero-leaning gays, etc.
    But of course, everyone’s perception of gender and identity is different. And I respect that.

  25. And I’m kinda okay with that. I just wish the overall porn industry got rid of the hypocrisy, the double standards, the male-focused homophobia, the homosexual shaming, the gay male shaming and the hetero worship. As long as those things remain as prominent as they are this supposed “progress” is mostly bullshit. Though yes, there should definitely be “gay porn” sites that are strictly for people who want to see cis males get it on.

  26. That’s the point I’m making. Reg was equating having romantic/sexual passion towards femininity as something that means “not being gay”.
    People used to say that being a “gay man” meant that you’re attracted to masculinity. I always found that definition to be as problematic as “gay” equals being 100% homosexual.

  27. Masculinity as the male body. Guy like biological guys, Masc or femme. Hairy or shaved. They like the male hips, male butt, penis, the musculature you can only get naturally from a biological male body.

  28. Last paragraph is full of mourns. But I guess in queer circle they just make sense!
    Maybe you can tell you insert tumblr sexuality here -homo whatever friends to have some jumbo shrimp for lunch!

  29. There are actually plenty of masc4masc dudes who like to argue that if you’re not completely into “manly men” then you have no right to say you’re “gay”.

  30. Not really. Most of my friends are regular, smegular straight heterosexuals or gay homosexuals or extremely close to one of those things or at least they present themselves as such.
    I just like the idea of “gay” being its own spectrum. I like people being legit honest about the dimensions of who they are and what they want instead of hiding behind a singular word. I like seeing “gay” as a separate component from homosexual. And I feel truly embracing each other’s nuances is part of the key to curbing homophobia, gay shame, obsession with hetero-normalcy, and a certain portion of the “queer community” attacking gays, trying to keep people from embracing “gay” and undermining same-sex love and commitment.

  31. No her language wasn’t insensitive she was genuinely surprised and questioning the requirements for a trans woman to compete.
    She was right and to deny the biological differences and advantages is ridiculous. Of the 6 medals awarded in the 100m and 200m races at the 2018 Connecticut high school state girls track championships 5 went to biological males.

  32. Many of the men who have sex with trans women see themselves as straight. Bo Sinn had sex with a tranny sucking cock yet claimed that is not gay. Of course I agree with you a tranny is a MAN with a boob job wearing a wig. Last time I checked women do not have a penis.

  33. I think website who covering trans should change to pansexual porn. Gays do not want to know about this

  34. Well, you’ve got that new guy…Drackis is it? He did that horrible Twitter rant a few ago about loving cock, but hating guys. It’s BIZARRE…and he also ended his career before it started by saying something that stupid.

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