Rocky Vallarta is the latest babe in Pierre Fitch’s life

I only know of 3 boyfriends of Pierre Fitch who did gay porn.

The first one was Ralph Woods.

The second one was Ryan Jaxx aka Ethan Chase that ended last year.




The latest is Rocky Vallarta, who worked with Bromo & Men.




Pierre and Rocky will be doing live cam shows via Chaturbate.

9 thoughts on “Rocky Vallarta is the latest babe in Pierre Fitch’s life

  1. What ever happened to Ralph Woods? What is he up to these days? Can’t believe I had totally forgotten about him.

  2. ..when Pierre started in porn with amateurish looking posts and photos/clips he did it with someone named Gavin and I believe that was hist first boyfriend (as far as we know)

  3. I think it is good for them all. If people share similar interests, ideas, values ( or lack of them ), backgrounds ( Who knows? ), it’s better to hang out with each other : ” Birds of the same feather flock together “.

  4. I’ve always found Pierre to be HOTT. Great cock, fine ass, cute as fuck and an adorbs personality. It took me hundreds of fuck buddies, dates, tricks and boyfriends to find the one. Peace out PF!

  5. of course they will all do porn. They are all in Montreal. This city is fiklled with gay escorts and porn stars. Or should I say wanna be porn stars

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