Gay Hoopla partnered (?) with a trusted brand that they know works (tip @ Kyle G)

Gay Hoopla announced this week a partnership with Space Disco Performance, a supplier of Too Hard, an all natural male erection supplement to be used by their models.

But, do they own Space Disco Performance?

The client for the logo tournament for Space Disco Performance was hotguysfuck. We know Gay Hoopla has a sister site called Hot Guys Fuck.


Just a coincidence?

Social media presence is important for a company like Space Disco Performance.

Back in June, Landon, one of the owners of Gay Hoopla, tweeted about a MEGA sponsor. Days later, a Facebook page of Space Disco Performance was created.


And, an Instagram account was created last July and the first person it followed was an employee (?) of Gay Hoopla.



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