Sean Cody pays $3,000 per scene

In the post about Randy of Sean Cody about his financial situation, one of Randy’s comments mentioned that he was paid $3,000 per scene “Thank you. Someone whose not an asshole and maybe sees the bigger picture. No one knows how hard I been looking for work. Or people with the how are you broke you did 50 videos. 3000×50=150,000 over almost 7 years. Ya it all went to Bill’s and my apt that was 1800 a month, plus the food I ate and supplements I took. Also worked regular jobs. I used to drink heavily up until 2 years ago. So ya now I’m broke…sorry for asking for a little help to all you assholes that want to shit talk me.

If you want to help out by hiring Randy as an escort, it’s a no go from him “Ya I could maybe whore myself out to make money…I was going to till I get offers like $200 to have sex. I’m straight, I’m not just gonna fuck a man for a couple hundred , no matter how desperate I am.“.