Introduced this year but shot years apart for Timothy Blue of Belami Online aka Ivan Zrzek of William Higgins

Timothy Blue first had a scene with Jim Durden released by Fresh Men back in October. And, his solo shoot was released this week.

Timothy Blue_aka_IvanZrzek_01

Timothy Blue_aka_IvanZrzek_02

From the description, you wouldn’t know his scenes at Fresh Men were filmed a long time ago.

He is now known as Ivan Zrzek at William Higgins where he was part of the Christmas themed scene last year.

Timothy Blue_aka_IvanZrzek_03

Timothy Blue_aka_IvanZrzek_04

Timothy Blue_aka_IvanZrzek_05

And, he is up next at Str8 Hell, the sister site of William Higgins, with a dildo up his ass.

Timothy Blue_aka_IvanZrzek_06

Timothy Blue_aka_IvanZrzek_07


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