The pansexual in Michael Jackman

Two upcoming scenes for Michael Jackman (aka Roman Tate & Casey) – one in gay and the other one in str8 porn.

His scene with Avery Jones will be released by Next Door Studios by the end of this month.






If you can’t wait that long, his str8 scene will be released in a few hours.

A fan was not happy with his str8 scene so Michael reminded him that his profile stated he was pansexual.

40 thoughts on “The pansexual in Michael Jackman

  1. Prostitutes who made a name for themselves in gay porn and then complain that their fan base does not want to pay for the str8 work performed are pathetic.

  2. I saw all three of his scenes at Hotguysfuck and they are A W F U L !!!
    In his first vid, he was struggling to get a hard-on.
    Won’t buy membership to cythereaxxx but I’m sure it will be boring.

  3. He’s a porn performer, a prostitute. I can understand and accept bisexuality on others, although I will never let myself be involved with someone this way: It’s not worth the amount of personal work I would have to spend to have a bisexual by my side, at home, in my bed…So when someone claims he’s ” pansexual ” it seems to me less a ‘ preference ‘ and more an excuse because it translates as a new way to earn more money with porn or prostitution.

  4. These bi / pan dudes are pathetic. They choose to get into gay porn and make their money and fame off the gays, then they treat gays as mere sex and money objects by saying that they’d never pursue a relationship with them, then they shove in everyone’s face how not gay they are by making these videos that pretty mostly suits themselves and then they get butt hurt when they’re called out on all the bulshit. Like mate, what else do you want to only go your way?

  5. When gay men and lesbians had to cater to trann.ies colonizing our space In guise of “inclusivity “

  6. That’s why I make sure to support actual gay porn models whether in the OF space or professional. But be care lots of liars,g4p, and trans chasers having you believe they are exclusively or mostly into men

  7. Crazy thing to me is that he’s not all that. In my opinion, he’s mediocre in his looks and performances.

  8. These gays and their phobia for a pussy. So fucking annoying
    Love my G4P actors, Let the rest of us enjoy
    It’s fucking porn
    Michael’s cock is pretty hot. I could care less if he wants eat a pussy tomorrow, just dont stop fucking men

  9. I don’t get it, why does it mean so much to you? I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to your feelings and I promise I’m not being condescending I just want to know why bc I don’t feel that way and I’m curious, is there an unspoken rule that gay porn actors can’t perform outside of their main genre? I don’t get why someone who’s not related to you in anyway can cause such disappointment bc he chose to have sex with someone, especially when it’s for a job. Or is there anything symbolic or sentimental about it that I’m not getting?

  10. You guys continue to come off pathetic. Are you seriously going to bitch and moan every time a gay porn performer does some non homo porn? It’s starting to get old. At least half of dudes who start in gay porn will eventually do something that’s not homo. Like, why is this so shocking and upsetting? These people are prostitutes. It just doesn’t make any sense. While most of you still don’t understand the realities of fluidity or understand the gender, romantic, sexual, affection, relationship spectrum. And most of invest way too much emotional currency into these random folks. They’re not role models. They’re not representation. They’re sex workers. And most are severely damaged. I’m sorry that most porn performers will sexually engage with whoever. I’m sorry that sexuality and the orientation spectrum is not as simple as you want it to be. But you can’t force folks to be what you want and do want you want. Do you guys realize how controlling and hateful you come off? Or do you not care?
    Your complaints are so redundant and shallow that it takes away from some of the real issues in the porn industry. Being so sensitive and easily triggered lets the industry and these performers off the hook. The porn industry has a ton of issues when it comes to mental health, drug abuse, egomania, male homophobia, internalized homophobia, homo insecurity, homo shaming, shame towards overall same-sex preferences, hetero pressures, femmiphobia, self-misandry, and straight/hetero-leaning worship and privilege. The industry and many of these performers sell homo sex, but they also mostly belittle homosexuality, homo passions, homo affections, homo relationships, homo love. While a lot of porn and many porn performers prey on the internalized homophobia, general insecurities and straight/non-homo worship that is so prevalent in the “queer community” in order to sell their product and their personas. That is a discussion worth indulging. But constantly whining about prostitutes having sex with whoever for money or not doing what you want them to do doesn’t make any sense, and it does not tackle any of those real problems. However, porn industry has always been and will always be a mess. That is what it is.
    As I’ve said a few times, the crazy porn industry, these problematic performers, and you coo-coo “fans” pretty much all deserve each other.

  11. Wait…Thyle is fucking hot regardless of the sex with women. I don’t get it either….don’t watch the pussy porn.

  12. I will say that it’s kinda disturbing and very revealing how most of these dudes reduce women to “pussy”. If you’re into women then you’re into women. You don’t need to keep talking about their genitalia. It’s very tactless and borderline misogynistic. It seems like they’re often trying to troll homosexuals and also hype up just how not homo they are or hype up how “open-minded” they. And of course, they’re desperately trying to tweet something that will get them attention. But it ultimately just comes off insecure and manipulative. It also highlights how many of these dudes just aren’t that into women. Whether they’re homo, “mostly homo”, bi, or pan, whether they’re gay-identifying or not- if you are really into females you simply do not constantly reduce them to a hole. The majority of overtly hetero-leaning/gay4pay/”straight” performers don’t do that. It shows how women are more a paraphilia and kink for a lot of these male “queers”. Some may be turned on by women body parts or like eating some pussy here and there. But they don’t really have strong overall passions towards females, and they are not particularly hetero-leaning when it comes to the romantic, sexual, affection, emotional fulfillment, relationship contentment spectrum. They pretty much look at women as high-functioning sex dolls/sex toys, as a way to disconnect from homosexuality, and as a way to get more social standing. Of course, most of these dudes would never flat-out admit that. But a lot of these performers reveal their dimensions and motivations while they’re trying to hide them.

  13. I have no problem with women. If this guy wants to sleep with them, he should. I don’t follow him on social media, so it doesn’t affect me.
    That said, I don’t want to see naked women on a gay porn blog.
    Once again, the owner of this site is trying to convert us to wanting to see straight sex.

  14. Mediocre in his “performances” is being WAY TOO NICE !
    BORING is another word that comes screaming to mind.

  15. No worries. I appreciate you asking. Firstly, I know porn is all fantasy. But I also think that it sends strong messages to those who are figuring out there sexuality. Unfortunately this is a reality. I think for me it’s that he claimed that he’s gay and he keeps claiming so and then when he did his WNB scene w/ William Seed, when asked about it he either made an excuse or claimed that he can go S4P. Now I’m not mad at him being bisexual if he admitted to it and was proud of his bisexuality, I’d be giving him praises but to hide behind a gay persona seems messed up. Especially for those who may be bisexual and scared of coming out. I don’t like when men or women hide behind a certain demographic just to bank a buck or popularity.
    If he’s truly gay than he would also see how messed up it is to be openly gay but show that he can fuck some pussy at the drop of the hat. That does two things, it expresses that being gay is a choice that can be flipped at the drop of a dime and it also shows that gay men need to conform to an aggressive hereto/hyper masculine pressure. It’s messed up. I feel like don’t parade being gay and then a week later tell everyone that you’re not and then a few days later you’re back to slopping down only guys on your OF page.
    He’s not the only one, I feel the same about Riley Mitcell, Trent King, Arad Winwin and many more.
    That’s just my feeling on the matter and on a quick different topic. Stay safe everyone with the COVID-19.

  16. Well, this isn’t technically a gay porn site. But more than anything, the owner of this site knows posting dudes in gay porn doing non homo porn will get clicks and will get people taking in the comment section. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some form of income from some of these sites. The owner is worried about his pockets, views and comments not pushing whatever type of sex or porn. If the porn industry in general wasn’t so male homophobic and homo shaming and if gay porn and gay porn performers did a better job at promoting male-male passions, affections, preferences, love then it would generally be less problematic. While society in general still has issues with demeaning or undermining male-male passions, affections, emotional connections, relationships. And even a lot of “queers” have issues with “gay”. So, these are problems that extend way beyond porn. But ultimately, this is just sex and filmed prostitution. Societally, people need to stop making a giant deal out of sexual behaviors. Who people will or won’t sexually engage with ultimately ain’t got shit to do with you.

  17. Skinny, sexy and seductive Avery Jones sure is getting a ton of real good dick in porn nation.

  18. First of all, there is no such thing as pansexuality. Pansexuality says attraction to all genders pass two. That’s incorrect as there are only two genders.

  19. You do realize that most Bel Ami models are straight-leaning, right? And that Bel Ami is has been among the biggest gay porn companies since its establishment in 1993?

  20. Oh, by the way! Cytherea is a SQUIRTING QUEEN, y’all! Her two scenes with the sexy Mark Ashley have views in the millions each on PornHub. They are very popular.

  21. Sexual behaviors are only sexual behaviors. Yes, there are men who are entirely homosexual that can sexually engage with women. Being a “homosexual” does not equate to being so turned off by women that you can’t at all sexually engage with them under any circumstances. It seems like some of you want homosexual to mean that. Maybe some of you guys fit into the “grossed out” by women type of homosexuals. But that’s not actually what a homosexual is. And no matter your attractions or where you fall in the orientation spectrum, who you sexually engage is a choice. People have control over what they do with their body parts and what they do with their lives. That’s just the reality of shit. While most porn is not done in the “drop of a hat”. There’s often a lot of prep work, fluffing, pill taking, editing, “acting” that is taking place no matter what type of porn it is or the sexuality of the performers. If you feel that extreme about this topic then you need to be mad at all the tons of gay-identifying men who have sexually engaged with women in their lives. Most homosexual or gay identifying are not “gold star gays”. And that would include most gay identifying public figures. You should go on Twitter or Instagram and start ranting at Ricky Martin or Neil Patrick Harris or Luke Evans or Garrett Clayton or Adam Rippon or Gus Kenworthy or Elton John or Ian Mckellen and so on. All those dudes have claimed to have sexually engaged with women before or claim that they have some type of attractions to females. If everyone had your type of mentality we would hardly have any prolific “gay representation”.
    There are indeed a decent amount of guys who are not really heterosexual or homosexual but claim “straight” or “gay” identities. That’s an entirely different thing from a homosexual engaging in hetero activities. But you clearly do not understand and accept the realities of fluidity or the romantic, sexual, affection/fascination, emotional, relationship spectrum. If you did understand and respect those things you wouldn’t be so damn obsessed with identity and what people call themselves. You’re trying to fit people into categories and trying to tell folks what they can and cannot do if they want to fit into that category. You’re basically telling people how to live their lives, and that’s just not the way to go about it. I understand wanting more transparency and less manipulation, wanting less hetero pressures, less straight/hetero-leaning worship, less “queer baiting”, less homo shaming, less trolling homosexuals or “gays” because you contending with internalized homophobia or self-misandry, less belittling of homo attractions, passions, affections, love, commitment. The porn industry is definitely filled with a lot of problematic bullshit, and these performers are often very tactless and manipulative. But when you end up trying to tell prostitutes to not have sex with people for money because of identity politics and “representation” and you try to tell people who they are and what they can or cannot identify as- it ends up making you look both dumb and hateful. And you have said a ton of hateful and dumb things on this site. So, there’s clearly a lot about sexuality and human psychology that you simply do not get or that you resent. Finally, these people ain’t role models. They’re whores. You’re trying to turn these folks into something they’re not. While everyone needs to start taking sex less seriously. It ain’t nothin’ but body parts being penetrated. That’s all.

  22. I am always surprised when a porn model is really gay in real life. This guy doesn’t surprised me and he is a shit model.

  23. There is one commenter here who gets no replies with his essay like comments lol. Keep it short and precise we already know your repetitive arguments.

  24. I’m here to troll and educate these dumb ass, ignorant, bitter people who actually think they understand sexuality, orientation and the sex work industry. And maybe help give some insight to the non-dumbass and bitter people who don’t post but sometimes view the site. Yet, I think I’m just gonna stop bothering. It is indeed getting repetitive, and clearly folks just come here to bytch and spew ignorance. While the owner of the site knows this and purposely facilitates it.

  25. Seriously the fuck is with the tranny porn that these gay studios are shoving down our throat? Us GAY men don’t want to look at saggy clit dicks getting fucked we’re gay idiot’s if we wanted to see pussy we’d see atr8 porn. Chile. Timfuck is now ruined to probably sean cody and timtales is next. Ugh.

  26. The fuck are you talking about? Being a gay man means you like men. Period. If you’re sexually engaging with women then you’re bisexual. Math is hard it seems.

  27. Tbh idk what these whores do in private but Gay studios shoving pussy porn on me is really starting to annoy me. I don’t want to look at tannies and their clit dicks.

  28. There’s a place and an audience for all fetishes, I just don’t understand why wholly gay porn is demanded to accommodate bisexual and trans…when straight won’t touch it with a bargepole and if as someone who only wants to watch gay porn, you’re branded biphobic and or transphobic if you aren’t willing to watch other varieties. It’s a horrible double standard 🙁

  29. Are you retarded? I’m tired of you people acting like you can’t comprehend basic English and sentences. Do you not understand the concept of prostitution? Sexually engaging with whoever doesn’t mean that you “like” them. It doesn’t mean that you’re attracted to them. It doesn’t mean that you enjoy sexually engaging with them. It’s just a behavior. And in these people’s case, it’s a behavior for money and often times attention or validation. Why is that so hard for you folks to get?
    I’m starting to doubt that a lot of you even “like” dudes. You just enjoy shaming them. You folks aren’t even really “gay”. You’re just basic homosexuals who feel like you have to be “gay”. Liking men, loving your sex, having same-sex affections, romantic passions, fascination, emotional connections, relationship contentment is completely different from being homosexual.
    As I said, if you want to get mad at all the gay identifying porn performers who have done non homo porn then you need to be mad at all the gay identifying famous male public figures. Because almost all of them have admitted to “experimenting” with women or having some type of attractions to women or having a previous hetero relationship. If you’re not gonna get mad at all of them as well then STFU. And I’m certain none of you are actually in a relationship, but you wonder why don’t nobody want you.

  30. The double standards are what I don’t care for, and they are what is most problematic in the industry. You have people in straight porn who talk about “open-mindedness” and talk about performers on the straight doing whatever off camera. Yet, all those dudes on the straight side of porn are expected to present entirely hetero images, expected to only do hetero porn and expected to present themselves as super into women in every way and indifferent to men in every way. On the other hand, there’s a bunch of dudes on the gay side doing non homo porn or who are constantly talk about how much they’re into women or constantly talking about how they prefer women. It’s an imbalance that needs to change. But yes, some of you folks are definitely hateful, biphobic, trans-phobic, misogynistic. There really is no excuse to spew the vitriol that some of you guys do. You take porn too personally, and you take what these people do personally. And you makes you guys look evil, whiny and, frankly, pathetic.
    I’m not even “wholly gay” anymore, and I can recognize the double standards, the male homophobia, the hetero pressures, the hetero or non-homo superiority, the straight/hetero-leaning worship and privilege, the internalized homophobia, the homo shaming and belittling, the mental health issues that are all rampant in the porn industry. I get many of the complaints. All I’m saying is that many of you need to educate yourself on sexuality, fluidity, the orientation spectrum, human psychology, prostitution and the porn industry before you start going in. Because many of you just come off flat-out stupid.

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