Sean Cody now with recycled content with a twist (tip @ Leslie)

No new content are being filmed right now by US based porn sites due to the lockdown. And, they are finding ways to create a new one.

Sean Cody is doing a throwback that included commentaries and an appearance from one of the stars.


And, the first one had the comeback of Stu.


5 years ago, Stu wanted to put that shit behind him when a fan commented about his gay porn past in one of his Instagram posts “I have been trying SO FUCKING HARD to put that shit behind me for the past 2 and a half years. I have almost killed myself over it a few times. I hate blocking people just because they are fans of it but shit like what you just did (comment on a picture everyone can see) is what makes me have to block everyone.”

By 2018, he must have come to terms about his gay porn past since he did wrestling scenes as Loki.


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